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  1. Searching for Clinical Trial Results [google scholar]

    It can be hard to find information about drugs we might want to use and how they performed in clinical trials. Google Scholar is one of my first lines of search.

    I've found that adding the search string:
    median "95% CI"

    (including the double-quotes around 95% CI) to my drug queries help limit the returned hits to useful papers. So, a search for papers containing results using the drug Abraxane might be:
    Abraxane "clinical trial" median ...
  2. Pre/Post Whipple Nutrition

    My fabulous dietician is Maria Petzel, at MD Anderson in the clinical nutrition staff with a specialization in GI oncology. This link lists all their staff and she is 2/3 the way down.

    The important parts about her job description are the "GI oncology" and "GI surgery" parts of the dietician qualifications. I realize that you may not be able to visit Maria at MD Anderson in Houston, TX, so I'm pointing out her qualifications and description so that perhaps you ...