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Thread: My father passed away.

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    Had to register so i could post .

    Your father was an incredible composer ,his work on heavy rain was monemental ,the melody lines to the feeling of each piece ,this will be never be replicated or replaced by anyone ,he will be remembered and live on through his compositions which even today tv channels use for show trailers and instantly the piece is recognised .
    May he rest in peace ,its not just your loss its everyones loss ,there was so much more to come .
    My sincere condolences in this tough time.

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    I am so sorry to hear about you're father passing as he truly was a gifted man. I am listening to the Heavy Rain Soundtrack right now in his honor because believe it or not, the soundtrack is pretty much the main reason why I kept playing the game to the point where I wanted to achieve all 22 possible endings.

    I never knew he composed over 59 projects/titles!
    Very clever way around the policy, however it's still not allowed. I don't make the rules, but I have to enforce them.

    Orly, if you would like to share this link, or if members are interested, please PM the member directly. Thanks.


    (type in www. before the "imdb" due to weird forum policy)

    You're father truly was a gifted man because his composing work was absolutely stunning!
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    Orly... my deepest sympathies to you and your family dear friend. During the last five months you have been through so much and yet, despite the circumstances in your life, you managed to share with us just how much you cared and loved your Dad. Thank you for your contributions, for the comfort you bestowed upon the many who come here for compassion and support. May your Dad, Normand Corbeil be never forgotten. May his soul rest in peace.
    07/2011 - Annie age 57 dx w/inoperable stage 4 pc; 5cm tumor/body, two spots on liver 1cm each, CA19-9=21,000+
    08/2011 - folfirinox
    01/2012 - CT: liver healthy, tumor=4mm, CA19-9 normal
    06/2012 - comp 9.5cycles. Tumor=scar tissue.
    CT: NED (No evidence of new or progressive metastatic disease, No tumor recurrence.) Chemotherapy STOPPED. Only medications taken are EPIVIR for the liver and METFORMIN for type 2 diabetes.
    09/2012 - CT: NED
    12/2012 - CT: NED. Runs a 10 kilometer race.
    01/2013 - re-instated gym membership 2-hrs back to back daily training 5x weekly.
    05/2013 - CT: NED; 3-hrs back to back workouts at the gym
    08/2013 - CT: NED; 3-hrs circuit training 6x weekly

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    Corbeil won a BAFTA Award for his work on the PlayStation 3 game "Heavy Rain." He also composed for "V" and "Fatal Affair."

    A composer known in the video game world for his work on the soundtrack of "Heavy Rain" died Jan. 25.

    Normand Corbeil's extensive resume included work on the PlayStation 3 game "Heavy Rain;" he was working on music for a new game, "Beyond: Two Souls," at the time of his death. He also composed for films and television, including "V," "Double Jeopardy" and "White Noise 2: The Light," according to IMDB.

    Corbeil won BAFTA and Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences awards for his work on "Heavy Rain." He also won multiple SOCAN Awards and was nominated for two Emmys.

    Corbeil, who was 56, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2012, gaming site Joystiq reported. Joystiq reviewed the music in "Heavy Rain" when it came out, calling the score "superb" and saying it drew players into the experience.

    Word of Corbeil's passing first appeared online via his son, Laurent Bastein Corbeil, according to IGN. A user on a cancer support forum who is believed to be Laurent posted Jan. 25 that "My father, Normand Corbeil, 56, passed away today at 2:56 p.m. He was a great composer and an amazing dad I am in shock."

    The gaming world has greeted the news with sadness.

    Quanticdream, the studio that produced "Heavy Rain" and "Beyond: Two Souls" and worked with Corbeil on those games, posted a memorial to him on its website Monday.

    "We are today deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend Normand Corbeil," the memorial says. "Normand was not only one of the most talented composers of his generation; he was a formidable person, kind and humble."

    EuroGamer, in reporting the story, added, "Rest in peace, Normand, and thank you."

    Joystiq said, "Gaming has lost a great composer, but Corbeil's work lives on."

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    Orly - so very sorry for your loss. May your father's art live on.

    Nov 12, 2012 - husband diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Sky fell. (Well, it felt like it did.)
    Nov 13, 2012 - canceled trips to Europe, New Orleans, and an 80 day cruise.
    Nov 29, 2012 - began chemo with Gemzar
    January 7, 2013 - ended chemo, began hospice
    March 17, 2013 - lost my best friend

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    I am sorry sorry that you lost your father to this awful disease. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

    God Bless, Irish
    Caregiver to my Dad, who was diagnosed in June 2010 with Stage 1V NSCLC with single met to brain,
    He sadly lost his battle in August 2010 and we miss his smiling Irish blue eyes terribly.
    My Dad's story:

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    I went on U tube and looked up your dad and everyone is right he was a truly gifted man but most of all he was your "Daddy" Blessings, carol
    Oct 9,2012 Hubby's ( 65 ) ERCP, Stent put in also told might be cancer
    Oct 23,2012 ( ERCP ) diagnosed. PC on head of pancreas.
    Nov. 5,2012 Whipple at Loma Linda Hosp.... could not be finished due to heart issues
    ( 4 1/2 hours into surgery )told it's also attached to Portal Vein, now only Chemo & Radiation
    11-27-12 Surgery site Infecti
    1-30-13 Hubby started on his radiation and Pill Chemo ( Xeloda 3200 mg per day ) for six weeks
    3-12-13 ( Bowel blockage) in Hospital Fluid being drained
    4-18-13 New Stent put in metal with mesh
    4-19-13 2nd round of ( Xeloda ) 2 weeks on 1 week off till ? 4000 mg per day for 6 months ( changed to 3000 )
    6-12-13 Large Hernia at surgery site/won't be repaired due to his heart condition also losing toenails ( Xeloda )
    8-9-13 Taken off all Chemo just Living Life now and Keeping him Pain Free "In God's Hands"
    3-12-15 CANCER IS BACK

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    I am deeply sorry for your loss. I checked out some of his music...so gifted. You must be very proud of him. Take care
    Married my best friend 12/10/11 :
    Hysterscopy with D&C 5/4/12
    Diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer 5/14/12
    160 mg/day of Megace (Progesterone) to see if we can stop the cancer and protect fertility
    D&C, and suspicious freckle removal 10/11/12
    10/19/12 All benign
    12/18/12- Megace decreased from 160 mg to 80
    2/7/13 Benign biopsy
    5/23/13-Benign office biopsy results!
    11/2013 Biopsy - Benign, Megace dose dropped down to 40/day
    1/2014 - My Doctors at OSU thought it would be beneficial to do another D&C to test a larger sample and the results were benign as well. The doctor suggested that I try weaning myself off of the megace in June. I have another biopsy in August, and if that goes well we can start trying for a baby!!!

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    Orly: My deepest sympathy on the pasng of your father. My thoughts ae with you at this time.

    wife angela diagnosed with Ampullary cancer. Sep/12
    with mets to her liver
    started folfirinox on oct/12 with cd scan dec21
    ct scan scheduled in mar/12
    On Gemcitabine for 4 cycles
    Then another ct scan with good results
    Hoping for the best because she is my hero
    A few more spots on her liver and original,ones are larger
    New scan last week and showed improvement: scan showed
    no new tumors and big one got smaller, what a relief, best news
    October 2013 starting chemo again with radiation ( biggest tumour only)
    Doctor last resort chemo after being told exhausted all chemo options, caught us off gaurd
    No radiation, tumor too large, starting chemo again for 8 weeks and then scan
    waiting for scan, but do not want to see results until after the holidays
    results not good and now we have great days with family until time takes over
    never thought we would be here waiting for the end that we hope will never come
    Passed away, April 3, 2014. 18 months from since being diagnosed

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