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Thread: WHO is the BEST neurosurgeon in the world??

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    WHO is the BEST neurosurgeon in the world??

    WHO is the BEST neurosurgeon in the world?? Where can I find info on this subject from an independent sourse? If I was getting my car fixed I surely would look for the best! Is a inoperable tumor in one county hospital operable in the world's best hospital???Please help!
    I'm afraid the chemo and RT will not yield very good results.
    May all cancer patients find peace, strength and tremendous healing powers.

    Brother Bob 58yo
    dx 10 06 04 by cranial biopsy
    GBM 4
    Temodar 165 mg, RT 6wks
    Ending 12 10 04
    b/o Bob 58yo
    dx 10 06 04
    GBM 4

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    Thanks for posting. I agree that we should look for the best person that can treat us. Anyone is entitled to get more opinions on their problem. Unfortunately, for GBMs, the resectability of a tumor is straight-forward, and for best chances radical resection is required. Even with that, there is a good chance of relapse.

    best regards,
    Leonardo F - Webmaster Cancer Forums
    Disclaimer: this information is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice.

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    i am not sure who the very best is but Dr. fukeshemia from duke university is very godd and has created many new technics he is a professor and you can look him up on the web. good luck!!!!

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    the best Neurosurgeon

    Dr Phillip Gutin, Memorial Sloan Ketting Hospital at 1275 York Ave NYC NY
    good luck and God Bless

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    Best surgeon in the World...

    His name is Keith Black, and he is at Cedars-Sinai Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles[/b]

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    With the exception of Leo, the others who replied have named 3 of the 4 or 5 best hospitals in the world (I do not know the doctors so I cannot comment on them). But there are some other things you and your brother must consider. Distance from home and family is one of the biggest issues to consider. Could you and your family get back and forth between NC ad CA or NY as easily as you can get to Duke?

    So much of these decisions are so personal that it is impossible to tell you "who the best neurosurgeon in the world" is. It could be that the surgeon in your town is "the best" for your brother, you, and your family. Only you can decide.

    Your brother is faced with one of the most difficult surgeries for any kind. As Leo said, it is not technically difficult. But the probability of it recurring is high.

    To read more about my mother's experience with GBM, go to


    and look for my entry there.

    My thought and prayers are with you.
    Long-term cancer survivor
    1992 Astrocytoma grade 2, left motor strip
    2005 Recurrence this time said to be an Oligodendroglioma grade 3, same location.
    My Story Part 1: http://cancerforums.net/viewtopic.php?t=2528
    My Story Part 2: http://cancerforums.net/viewtopic.php?p=7350
    My Story Part 3: http://cancerforums.net/viewtopic.php?t=8029

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    Best Neurosurgeon

    To characterize any one person as "the best" neurosurgeon is difficult. However, I've had the privilege to meet and work with one of the finest neurosurgeons in the world in my opinion. His name is Arthur Day and he's currently at Harvard. He's brilliant and has operated on some high profile celebrities including Ted Williams and he also performed a very secretive procedure on a very famous young actor with Parkinsons.....if you know who I mean. He is widely regarded amongst highly accomplished surgeons to be a pioneer in his field and he has numerous patents on neurosurgical techniques and devices. Hope this helps.

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    Best Neurosurgeon

    Since I saw Dr. Gutin's name already mentioned, I thought I would toss my two cents in. I just, last Thursday, had my second craniotomy with Dr. Gutin. The first time I was out of the hospital in four days and in grad school a month later. This time, my stay was two days.

    More than that, his confidence combined with his ability to provide a realistic assessment is both comforting and useful for making choices.

    After meeting with the Dean of Harvard Medical School and speaking with several other neurosurgeons, he was consistently labeled as the one I should go with. If not him, then Peter Black at MassGeneral in Boston. I was told by the Chief of Neuroncology at the National Cancer Institute that a positive relationship with one's surgeon was key to a successful outcome and that for at least for me, that meant looking no further than Dr. Gutin.

    As anyone asking that question knows, brain tumors are terrifying, it's how they kill people on TV shows. The bottom line is Dr. Gutin said everything would be fine, my family and I believed him, and it was and he didn't ever feed us unrealistic expectations.

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    Dr Charlie Teo

    He saved my life when other doctors said my tumor was inoperable



    He is one of Gods angels among us

    Good luck

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    Re: WHO is the BEST neurosurgeon in the world??

    I was operated of a huge Falx-Meningeom in January 2006 and I am completely healthy now. The operation and the recovery were quick and without complication.

    I do not know about others, but my surgeon is for me the best in the world. This is his contact information

    Dr. Hans-Peter Ammerer
    (Oberarzt) (+43 1) 711 65 - 94393

    He works at the Hospital Rudolfstiftung in Vienna - Austria

    Neurochirurgische Abteilung

    I do not know if Dr. Ammerer works for private patients over the world because my operation was paid by the Austrian social security, but if so, I can highly recommend him.

    If you need more information, please contact me at my email. I will then give you my telefon number and address, so that we get in touch. Since I live in Vienna I could also go personally to talk to Dr. Ammerer on your behalf.

    Regards and good luck!

    Mabel Ramon

    Mailto: mabel.ramon@chello.at

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    Cedars Sinai rejected doing my surgery and said no institution would operate on my tumor(I'm in my 20s). UCSF however had a neurosurgeon Dr. Berger who WAS able to operate and resected >90% of the GBM. Now there is no visilble tumor on the MRI. But I do understand the formats of GBM progression an dhow one cell or one cancer stem cell left can be problematic. But hopefuflly the MRIs will stay clean after I stop chemo next month. Good luck every one. I'd look into UCSF, CEDARs Sinai(just because my tumor wasn't operated on there doesn't mean they don't have other specialties) , Duke, MD ANDERSON, and MAYO clinic.

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    For anyone living in the Southern Hemisphere, Asia or is willing to travel abroad, Dr Charles Teo in Sydney, Australia is world class and world renowned.
    Nothing is "too difficult" for him, and is prepared to have a go at anything, especially gliomas, by minimally invasive surgery where possible.
    He is also very empathetic and personable, and I can't recommend him highly enough.

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    Allan Friedman at Duke University in North Carolina......hands down!!!
    He has been on discovery and CNN.

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    Best Neurosurgeon in the World

    In Australia, at least, it has to be Dr Marcus Stoodley at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney.

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    Johns Hopkins, #2 neurosurgery team, as per 2007 US News and World Report. They resected a lime-sized tumor from my mother's spine, when radiologists said it was not operable. Timothy Witham is one of the attending physicians there who was the lead surgeon. The entire team was wonderful.

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    there are excellent doctors every where.

    But I agree with the other posts, take into account being close to family and friends that is very important when recovering.
    My Dad is the sufferer, Diagnosed Feb 07.

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    The brothers Brem are two of the best. Steven is the guru at Univ of Penn (HUP) and his brother Henry is THE guru in the US (based at Johns Hopkins). Steven Brem has performed more than 3500 brain surgeries. Henry has written many papers, worked on cutting edge technology, teaches neurosurgery, ophthamology, oncology, and biomedical engineering, and is a heck of a surgeon. Many neurosurgeons focus on spinal surgery, but these guys are as good at brain surgery as anyone.

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    Dr. Randy Jensen at Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City, UT.

    I am sure everyone is going to have an opinion on who is "the best" so he is the one who operated on my mom in December. I know a lot do doctors personally any he is one of one people that you like right away and has some serious skills and Huntsman has the latest technology for computer mapping the brain/tumors.

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