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    my 60 years old mom has been diagnosed with :LIMPHO PLASMACYTIC LYMPHOMA WALDERSTROM MICROGLOBULINEOMIA and this was dine through bone marrow biopsy.She has been losing weight in the past 7 months around 8 kg and also had 3-4 times pneumonia so that was the reason she was sent to have the biopsy and was found.Also she was found anemic and in the blood tests the IGM was 10 times more than the normal.She had Ct's to the liver throat,stomac ,brests and all of the organs and nothing was seen there.Also was checked by an optometrist and nothing abnormal was found.Present time she has gained a little weight her anemy is gone so the doctors dont know what to do or how to treat her.I would like to know if there is some treatment for the diseas that can be given in this state so the cancer wont advance or even be stopped.

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    Welcome! Fortunately, this is an indolent (slow growing) disease. There are several treatment options, but it is notable that maximum results may not be realized until after treatment stops. This is unusual, but cancer writes the rules. Here is a link to an information sheet about Waldenstrom's:
    Dx 07/2008 Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma - Not Otherwise Specified.
    Stage 4B, widespread disease, "innumerable" tumors above/below diaphragm + Bone Marrow Involvement.
    Primary regimen 4 cycles CHOP+Etoposide plus 4 cycles of Gemcitabine, Navelbine and Doxil.
    NED at completion of chemo 12/2008.
    Relapse 02/2009.
    Scheduled for salvage therapy of ICE and hospice.
    Clinical trial of Romidepsin 03/2009. CR, remained NED for 56 (28 day) cycles.
    Relapse 07/2013.
    08/2013 "re-induction" therapy of 3 Romidepsin infusions per 28 day cycle.
    Mixed results on 11-01-2013 scans.
    Treatment stopped 03-03-2014 due to progression and spleen involvement.
    02/2014 Core needle biopsy shows cancer has mutated into AngioImmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma.
    Additional biopsy scheduled 03/04/2014 to confirm mutation.

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