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Thread: Worried about lump in left armpit

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    Worried about lump in left armpit

    I have had what i thought was a swollen lymph node in my left armpit for about 6 months. I first noticed it because my armpit felt sore and so i started poking around and felt it. It isn't sore anymore, but still enlarged. I also have a swollen node on the left side of my neck. I was surprised when i went to my PCP that he wants to run more tests (he did bloodwork and is ordering an xray and ultrasound). He said it will take a few weeks to get in for these appts. So my ?s are: 1. What does a cancerous node feel like? 2. I had a terrible case of mastitis about 5.5 mos ago after my son was born, could my glands still be swollen from that? 3. I have been feeling run down in the afternoons, but haven't had any night sweats except during my pregnancy and shortly after - but can't that be from hormones? 4. Are the other symptoms of lymphoma constant or do they come and go? I did have one episode of terrible itching but benadryl seemed to do the trick. Thsi was before i even noticed the swollen glands.

    I am really worried about this esp since i have two small children.
    What will the ultrasound and xray tell me?
    What will blood work tell me?


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    forgot to say that my pcp said the node was 2-3 cm.

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    Hi. Hope you are doing well. I had several swollen nodes on my neck before I was diagnosed with HL. They felt firm but not hard. I am not sure about your question number two. Before my diagnosis I actually felt just fine-no fatigue. As far as the itching, I only itched when I was warm-during a work-out or when I was eating spicy food. My Dr. thought it was an allergy and it went away whenever I took an Allegra. This started about a year before my nodes swelled. When I went to my Dr with the swollen node she thought it was TB and gave me a TB test and took a chest X-ray. The X-ray showed a tumor in my chest. It took a CT scan, a fine needle biopsy, and finally a surgical biopsy before I was diagnopsed with HL. From the first time I went to see a Dr about the swollen nodes to diagnosis took a month. Hope this helped. Good luck!

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