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The Cancer Forums User Policy

Policy for Links
New members are permitted to link to their personal blog as well as links to reputable cancer sites. The links will either be allowed or disallowed at a Moderator's, Super moderator's or Administrator's discretion. All links will be checked until proven after one month's membership that the new member is legitimate.

This is the only effective way to keep spammers and scammers at bay. We encourage you to use this introductory time to post messages about your own struggle with cancer (or that of a loved one), ask questions or offer advice and a link to reputable sites.

Solicitation Policy

However, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you allowed to post links for advertising or marketing purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, posts with the aim to sell a product or promote a commercial venture. Posts that solicit members for donations, request participation in surveys, solicit members for participation in documentaries or any other post not specific to the mission of this Forum are also not permitted. Posts that fall under these categories will be deleted and the members may be banned without warning. We also ask you to avoid posting links to other cancer forums, unless it's to a particularly helpful thread.

Posts with links to dangerous or pornographic content will result in an immediate ban without warning.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep Cancer Forums a safe, supportive and spam-free community.

Image Policies

Image Policies

No photos, links to images or graphic images allowed in most forums. The exception to this is photographs of a loved one in the Memorial forum and music or personal photos of a general social nature in the Lounge forum.

Photographs of suspected cancers should not be posted in these Forums. They can be very disturbing to people and are of no help in diagnosis. Please adhere to this policy.

Anyone posting photos or images in violation of these policies will be subject to being banned at the discretion of Site Administrators. Images posted will be deleted.

Language and Conflicts

While disagreements are inevitable on any forum, we do expect members to remain civil and respectful. If a conflict escalates or persists, a Mod or Admin will step in to help resolve it.

Racial slurs, derogatory comments, sexually explicit or suggestive messages and other abusive comments are not allowed and will be removed. Offending members will be reprimanded, which may include being banned from the forums. The banning of members is done at the discretion of the team of Moderators and Administrators.

Moderators and Admins

Our volunteer Moderators and Administrators are here to help you. If you have any questions about forum functionality, problems with another member or concerns about forum policy, or you just want to tell us what an awesome job we’re doing, we welcome you to PM any one of us or post in the appropriate thread.

In addition to offering advice and support, part of our job is to resolve conflicts and enforce forum policy. If a member does not agree with a decision made by a Mod or Admin, he or she is invited to PM that Mod or Admin to discuss their disagreement. However, members are expected to adhere to and respect the decisions of the Mod Team. Rebellion and public rants about these disagreements are both frowned upon and may result in a reprimand or ban.


Please take care to post in the appropriate forum. Sometimes, a question or topic can fit into more than one category, so just use your best judgment. Also, please write a descriptive post and topic title; if everyone wrote “Question” as their thread title, it would get pretty hard for members to find the threads they are looking for.

Lastly, please try to stay on topic and not hijack another member’s thread. If you have a separate question, feel free to start a new thread. Moderators and Admins may move or split threads at their discretion.

Before posting, please make sure you have read and understand our link policy.

Complementary Therapies Forum

Before posting in our Complementary Therapies forum, please make sure you have read and understand the Complementary Therapies Guidelines, which you can find stickied in that forum. Posts advocating dangerous or illegal drugs, products or therapies will be locked or deleted.

Policy on Alternative treatments.

So what is the easiest way to get banned here

1) Come here and poke fun at our treatment choices by going into a paranoid rant about 'Big Pharma' We don't buy it and we don't like it so don't do it.

2) Come here and advocate Alternative methods. This is a complimentary treatment forum and that means any treatment, diet or substance that cannot be taken during science based treatment should not be discussed here. Far be it for us to dictate to you what you can or cannot do but we can dictate what is printed here as it is our little place on the internet where we are free from scammers and misguided folk with little or no knowledge of cancer or its treatment.

3) Come here and start to get aggressive with members who disagree with you. We value our members and we consider ourselves a family. Please respect everyone here

4) Argue and insult any of our mods or administrators. Do this and you will be shown the door quick smart. Our mods and administrators are unpaid volunteers who give a lot of their time to these forums. They do not deserve any sort of abuse.

So please folks if you believe in alternatives and also buy into conspiracy theories take your views to one of the thousands of sites on the web but don't post them here as your time as a member will be short.

Thanks and good health to all


The blog section is for Admins and Moderators to discuss current events in health care and cancer research, post interesting articles, share personal opinions or provide general support and advice.

If you are interested in blogging for Cancer Forums, please PM one of our Admins or Moderators for rules, style guidelines or topic ideas. Please be advised: Not all posts will be accepted and published posts may be edited for content by Mods and Admins.

Again, welcome to The Cancer Forums community!

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