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  1. advice
  2. Is lung Cancer hereditary?
  3. It is sclc
  4. What Next??? Sent Home To Die.....
  5. StageIV NSCLC with Metastis to the Brain
  6. Mum diagnosed 2 weeks ago. Going downhill quickly.
  7. recently diagnosed
  8. Please read....
  9. Question about pain
  10. 2 years and smiling
  11. Mom surprisingly got her first chemo treatment....
  12. recent diagnosis 3b nsclc lrg cell undiff
  13. any information or advise please..
  14. Young and scared.
  15. "Good news for my mom"
  16. A Better Understanding
  17. extensive stage small cell lung cancer
  18. Beating Cancer through Nutrition and diet
  19. whole brain radiation side effects
  20. low blood counts and quarantine
  21. Daddy's Girl
  22. conflicting recommendations
  23. How do i know if i have lung cancer? My Symptoms
  24. Cancer around Pulmonary Artery
  25. Tarceva side effects?
  26. When to stop Cancer treatment?
  27. The Last Post
  28. Pain from Radiation
  29. Spare Irresa (geftinib) wanted
  30. chemo and radiation at the same time.....
  31. New here and just wanted to vent my worries........
  32. radiofrequency Ablation
  33. Recent Diagnosis
  34. Question about chemo
  35. My Dad is entering the fina phase
  36. quality of life vs treatment
  37. small cell lung cancer beating the odds (so far)
  38. aaaaaangjkfkgnk
  39. they say, he wont stay that long till June
  40. NEW HERE
  41. Im afraid, another member of family might be sick too
  42. they are considering now at removing my lung
  43. Feeling down in the dumps
  44. Mom w/NSCLC stage IV
  45. Is my friend faking lung cancer?
  46. Posted 1st message in wrong place
  47. Lung Cancer - School Assignment.
  48. How much time? Info needed for Hospice care.
  49. Tarceva and Velcade
  50. Mom passed away peacefully...
  51. My mom has just been diagnosed with lung cancer
  52. how painful is dying of lung cancer?
  53. Urgent! Please help
  54. To those who have lost...
  55. Side Effects
  56. Cancer Gone?
  57. SCLC
  58. new diagnosis
  59. Stable 3b NSCLC
  60. Brazilian berry destroys cancer cells in lab, UF study shows
  61. Believe in or do this?
  62. A question.
  63. my moms cancer spread what does this mean
  64. stage iv lung cancer
  65. is bronchioloalveolar carcinoma genetic?
  66. Mother diagnosed 3 mos ago What should I expect
  67. NSCLC and AVASTIN - need some help!
  68. Not sure what to do
  69. primary unknown lung cancer and stomach cancer
  70. She's gone now
  71. Fentanyl
  72. Q about seizures
  73. Fiance's father has lung cancer, and I have some q's
  74. Pain in right side behind lower rib cage
  75. radiation or chemo???
  77. Lung Cancer and Morphine
  78. Please help
  79. hair regrowth post chemo
  80. Sorafenib - New Treatment For Lung Cancer
  81. Lost both parents to lung cancer
  82. So Tired
  83. Feeling Death
  84. A huge gigantic question
  85. Stage 4 Secondary Lung Cancer
  86. The time is nearing....
  87. I need some info. please.
  88. My mum died yersterday - question for people
  89. Questions about Docetaxel and Premarin with Lung Cancer
  90. Advice needed needle phobia/1st visit to onacolgist
  91. lung cancer and whole brain radation
  92. my lung cancer cured but have bone mets
  93. chronic cough
  94. nsclc, leukemia, depression & ECT (shock treatments)
  95. I had my breasts removed
  96. Great article on Overcoming Depressionů
  97. NSCLC information/help
  98. Mom Diagnosed with Lung Cancer
  99. Are we at the end?
  100. dad dignosed with lung cancer and i need advice
  101. small cell lung cancer
  102. Combatting Tiredness & Help Eating
  103. chronic chest pain
  104. Lupus and Lung Cancer
  105. My dad has lung cancer
  106. It's happening so fast
  107. My Father's Cancer
  108. SCLC w/ mets sudden onset of pain/ stats w/2nd line defense?
  109. Dad with Stage IIIb / IV
  110. Mother in law in 8th week of 8 weeks of chemo and radiation
  111. What to choose Gemzar/Cytogen or Cisplatin/Etoposide or alt?
  112. Just found out that my mother has cancer
  113. new to site - mom-in-law with stage 1V NSCLC
  114. Mets to brain- help!
  115. Should we try chemo?
  116. in need of some advice please help
  117. She's gone
  118. Phenothiazines treatment
  119. Does chemotherapy mutate the cancer cells making them ...?
  120. stage 4 non small
  121. Advice needed
  122. Metastatic breast cancer in lungs
  123. Stage 3B Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
  124. My mom-in-law's newest test results
  125. Mom just diagnosed
  126. PET Scan Results in...
  127. Geftinib Irresa stock available
  128. Stage-IV NCLC: Chemo or Natural Treatments?
  129. Small Cell always Lung Cancer?
  130. Should I get a second opinion?
  131. Quality of Life Web Study
  132. denial
  133. My Mom is so wonderful..and out of nowhere,
  134. Any info -thanks in advance & sorry for the length
  135. questions that need answers
  136. My 65 year old Dad, Lung Cancer
  137. My mother showing symptoms, results come tomorrow (8/25)
  138. Mom with Stage IV, but doing well
  139. Epotposide I.V. & Carboplatin Information
  140. Lung Cancer Specialist in Southern California
  141. Far away from home.
  142. worried about the latest my mom(in law)
  143. After treatment, tumors still there
  144. My mom got worse so quickly
  145. medicine for NSCLC
  146. Plz help me
  147. Dad's dying-advice please
  148. Bone mets after NSCLC 3B
  149. total laryngectomy, now lung cancer
  150. Stage IV Lung cancer that has spread to the brain
  151. Adenocarcinoma
  152. please advice for prognosis on stage 2A nsslc of rt lung
  153. A lot more questions than answers
  154. Mother-in-Law
  155. My Moms cancer has returned
  156. Stage 4 adenocarcinoma, emphysema. throat cancer
  157. My Dad has lung cancer
  158. How do you know when the end is near?
  159. My mom in law passed on my wedding anniversary
  160. Met to the brain
  161. Radiation for Brain Tumor after surgery
  162. Limited Small Cell Lung Cancer
  163. lung cancer w/emphysema
  164. SMCLC Treatment options
  166. Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer
  167. small cell lung cancer affecting eyesight
  168. Treatment other than chemo ?
  169. But what are the real symptoms of Lung Cancer?!?
  170. My father also has lung cancer, how best to cope and help.
  171. Mom had CT scan. How long is it ok to wait before Biopsy?
  172. Need Advice. Afraid, but hopeful.
  173. Bloody Sputum
  174. Immunotherapy
  175. help! need advice
  176. Fight Lung Cancer
  177. Remission information?
  179. Asthma, COPD. Lung Cancer - Need Advice
  181. 1 5mm nodule??
  182. Consultation with American doctors?
  183. Density in lung?
  184. Please help and thank you
  185. RE: Help
  186. Just Diagnosed....lot's of questions
  187. Free Online Book - Fighting Cancer
  188. Small Cell Lung Cancer
  189. Thanks to all for support
  190. NSCLC Stage IV - Fluid in Lungs
  191. Father diagnosed with stage 4 sclc
  192. we're on the up side of the rollercoaster ride
  193. Father diagnosed with SCLC-What to expect next?
  194. Stage 3b or stage 4 question...
  196. Father diagnosed
  197. stage iv lung cancer has only one lung.
  198. left upper lobe lung nodule 1.3cm x .5cm
  199. Stage IV Adenocarcinoma - Operable
  200. Looking for experience/thoughts on SCLC scan results.
  201. [lung cancer treatment]Chemotherapy and Radiation Together
  202. Live like you were dying
  203. Best Lung Cancer Center in Southern California?
  204. Tarceva in Ontario\Canada
  205. My dad has Stage IV NSCLC
  206. Hi-Looking for advice
  207. Lung Nodule
  208. my mom has NSLC - I'm so devastated...
  209. New here, best friend just diagnosed...
  210. Stage 4 lung cancer..
  211. Hello
  212. could just be worries, need advice
  213. my friend is gone
  214. Radiation effects on Dad
  215. Lung Cancer Diagnosis
  216. SCLC questions. . .
  217. New to the forum. Mother diagnosed with SCLC
  218. New here, Tarceva for non-characterized lung cancer?
  219. A daughter needing help....
  220. Good news, so far
  221. Frustrated with Mom / She has lung cancer
  222. multiple pulmonary nodules
  223. Alternative Cancer Therapy
  224. Question about sclc
  225. Question about a symptom (already diagnosed)
  226. My mom died this morning-help.....
  227. Mom has stage IV NSCLC...questions...
  228. Is my ex faking Lung Cancer?? Help please!!
  229. Question about response to rad & chemo
  230. Good news....Question????
  231. Lung Cancer with Brain Metastasies Info Needed
  232. My Sweet Babee ...
  233. Can anyone help me out plz
  234. How long does it take to die from adrenocarinoma lung cancer
  235. Advice needed ASAP, Please!!
  236. Second Line Treatment - Alimta (pemetrexed)
  237. Mom just diagnosed
  238. Lung Cancer, metastatic to the brain
  239. Grandmother may have lung cancer
  240. OK, sorta confused..
  241. hi .. need some info re my mum
  242. Anyone in Atlas Study?
  243. Information on NSCLC w/ metastic bran & liver tumors
  244. Nsclc lung cancer - what is the gold standard treatment?
  245. Opinions on this chemo treatment?
  246. Oasis of Hope
  247. how to help a child
  248. How do you tolerate the waiting?
  249. FIL has lung caner. VERY long post!!! I have questions!!!
  250. Help! Adice, Opinions