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  1. best place for treatment
  2. also searching for treatment advice and similar cases
  3. question concerning causes of an "enlarged liver"
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  13. Secondary Liver Cancer
  14. Lost my mother to cancer
  15. Question on timeframes.
  16. Could it be.. ?
  17. Fatty liver
  18. hello
  19. Just Lost My Future Brother-In-Law To Liver Cancer
  20. Never expected my dad to have this
  21. how GOOD is this good news?
  22. Please help with insight
  23. Anyone heard about [url]www.i-cancer.com[/url] ?
  24. sum1 plz help me????
  25. Avastin + Chemo treatment for Liver Cancer
  26. Unidentified Liver Lesion
  27. HCC and Resection
  28. Cholangiocarcinoma Information
  29. Treatment suggestions for primary liver cancer w lung mets
  30. (Adriamycin + Thalidomide) or (Oxalipatin + xeloda) chemo
  31. what's next when you hear transplant is no longer an optoin?
  32. Is this good or bad news?
  33. Liver Transplants abroad
  35. QUESTION??
  36. I'm a new member
  37. Life Insurance?
  38. .7 cm subcapsular mass in liver-- Neoplasm?
  39. Going out of the country for liver transplant
  40. What to expect
  41. Gastric Cancer - Metastatic to Liver. Chemo or Palliative?
  42. Jaundice... I'm so frightened
  43. So Sad
  44. new member
  45. advice?
  46. Trying to figure all of this out!!!
  47. Relief for stomach bloating/pain
  48. lost and bewildered
  49. Mom passed away peacefully...
  50. Newly diagnosed and thinking about options
  51. liver CA and ammonia level
  52. Liver Cancer Basics
  53. Question re: stent
  54. My Mum has secondary liver Cancer....
  55. Can dogs smell liver trouble?
  56. What do I do?
  57. we need financial support from any cancer organization
  58. Parkinson's and 2nd Liver Cancer
  59. Share your timeline
  60. What causes abdominal bloating in liver cancer?
  61. Jaundice and stents
  62. Is this the end of the road for me...?
  63. I'm just so very angry
  64. Could it be
  65. hepatocellular liver cancer
  67. how long to go?
  68. Help for Hepatatis magazine article
  69. Sometimes I wish it would just happen
  70. Chemoembolization
  71. Terminal progression of liver cancer
  72. Father has Oesophagal Cancer which has spread to Liver and o
  73. Lung Cancer metatacized to liver
  74. Signs of progression
  75. Sirtex procedure
  76. Is my father telling me EVERYTHING? Please help.
  78. Chemo Embolization
  79. MRI not showing cancer???
  80. Can anyone help me plz
  81. Any Chances?
  82. Secondry liver cancer(In need of help/advice please)
  83. alternative treatments
  84. Need Advice
  85. severe hitches and stings seizures
  86. HELLO from South Africa
  87. I need advice please help!
  88. Liver Cancer
  89. I think I'm at the end of my rope
  90. Help Needed Please- Abroad and Dont Understand A Thing
  91. dull pain after liver resection; anyone else?
  92. what type of chemo for liver..my hub is on colorectal chemo?
  93. Fluid build up-Life expectancy
  94. Help needed
  95. My mother is asking for peace of mind in the final stages
  96. I lost my mother, Lee Yuet Chan, to HCC, link to blood trans
  97. Can anyone give me a timeframe
  98. My dad has been diagnosed
  99. Very rare liver issue.
  100. Finally got my father's prognosis
  101. New to the site....my dad's story...
  102. I'm feeling guilty..should we look for a 2nd opinion?
  103. I love you mom....
  104. Nexavar = $$$$$ !
  105. Thank you and in memory of my Dad
  106. Does he have the right to keep it from his wife
  107. New here and questions of course
  108. My grandfather has liver cancer. Can someone please help?
  109. Husband just diagnosed
  110. Primary Liver Cancer - What do I tell my sons? And when?
  111. Liver cancer- Complicated Scenario
  112. Mom Has liver cancer
  113. Moms Cancer
  114. Primary to lung
  115. Hello all, my prayers are with you...update on my dad
  116. Hepatitis B
  117. Both parents with Primary HCC
  118. 10cm HCC
  119. hope this helps
  120. What to expect? We are lost!
  121. My dad's passing and two questions
  122. Newby....many questions
  123. Mom got her transplant!!
  124. Blood condition in Chemo
  125. Husband has bile duct cancer
  126. My Dad's Story
  127. Hi, some questions about my dad...
  128. Liver cancer
  129. totally torn apart
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  134. Husband passed away
  135. What to expect as death approaches?
  136. The treatment information of Liver diseases
  137. Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma- it's back
  138. New here, looking for support, experiences, anything
  139. My dad has liver cancer looking for stories, support or info
  140. Conflict in Diagnoses
  141. Nexavar - how effective?
  142. Good read
  143. New here and terrified.
  144. When should I go?
  145. update on my brother/nexavar
  146. liver spot
  147. Liver cancer while on dialysis
  149. Update on my dad
  150. My Dad's rare case--Anyone else like him?
  151. My Mother recently diagnosed with liver cancer
  152. primary liver cancer help needed please
  153. can an abscess be cancer?
  154. McMaster Visit
  155. Multicentric hepatocellular carcinoma (Grade II)
  156. My dad, terminally diagnosed a year ago, doing OK
  157. liver resection
  158. Promising New Liver Cancer treatment
  159. how long to get around by yourself after-
  160. ultrasound detecting liver mass, please help
  161. moms liver resection delayed
  162. Don't know where to post question
  163. moms liver resection surgery-she made it!
  164. Severe stomach bloating and blood loss
  165. My dad just diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma
  166. Husband with Liver Cancer
  167. Cancer or Not?
  168. Update on dad
  169. Unexpected diagnosis of liver cancer
  170. My other brother just diagnosed - da ja vou
  171. SIRT "Spheres"
  172. HCC Three years
  173. Mom HCC !!!
  174. Dad just diagnosed with Liver cancer and cirhosis- How long?
  175. Dad diagnosed with liver cancer, what to expect
  176. please help
  177. encephalopothy
  178. cyst on liver
  179. 13 CM Tumor and getting doc's to speak up
  180. My dad also just diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma
  181. cholangiocarcinoma/nexavar
  182. SIRT Spheres treatment
  183. budd-chiari and liver cancer in seattle
  184. how long do you get
  185. A very tough holiday season
  186. New and appreciate help and support from this forum
  187. Primary Liver Cancer Questions
  188. Anyone had SIRT procedure?
  189. What does it mean when HCC is elevated?
  190. How did this go undiagnosed?
  191. Getting ready for Liver Biopsy...
  192. liver transplant and medication costs
  193. Question about sensitivity to sugar
  194. What to do?
  195. Is there any hope for liver cancer?
  196. dad was diagnose with hcc
  197. 67 YR OLD Male with Small Cell Carcinoma Liver Cancer
  198. Help: Treatment for Liver Cancer and Osteocacinoma
  199. Dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer
  200. What are the risk factors for liver cancer?
  201. What actually precipitates death from liver cancer? - Dad Tx
  202. Does anyone have any new information on 3-bromopyruvate?
  203. Pain on Right Side
  204. Docs unsure of cancer - should liver patient come home?
  205. close to liver failure-any relief of pain or info on xeloda?
  206. Advice - diagonsed with advacned HCC hepatitus B
  207. Discussing cancer with the family
  208. Mother in law just diagnosed with liver cancer - need help!!
  209. bowel problems following liver resections
  210. Primary Liver Cancer - Prognosis?
  211. Liver Cancer
  212. Coffee May Reduce Liver Cancer Risk
  213. liver cancer possibly in bones?
  214. My Father Diagnosed with Liver Cancer
  215. Would I have been told by now if I have Liver Cancer?
  216. Please help, need counseling
  217. Liver stint failed and nothing more doctors can do
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  219. Liver Cancer treament options
  220. Just got word on my grandfather
  221. hospice
  222. palitive care or hospice
  223. Liver metastasis
  224. Need assistance please
  225. my miracle story
  226. I could help please email me.
  227. My Mothers Story..
  228. grateful for any advice ...
  229. Everyones situation is different "Take nothing for gran
  230. I would like to know about liver cancer statistics
  231. I'm nervous about starting treatment, what to expect?
  232. Metastatic Cancer (Fibrolamellar Carcinoma) in Liver
  233. Please Help! I have questions about my father's diagnosis
  234. HCC Recurrence
  235. lucencies in liver?
  236. liver enzymes
  237. HCC mestasized to lungs
  238. HCC metastasized to lungs
  239. 29 year old daughter with hcc
  240. 2 Chemo-Embo's and in a lot of pain
  241. renal failure
  242. Recovering today
  243. Now we wait.......and we wait....
  244. confused
  245. Just got the bill
  246. pancreatic biopsy
  247. Dad starting Chemo again
  249. HCC and pancreatic tumor
  250. My Mom