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  1. Radiology Visit
  2. Never Posted Here Before
  3. Treatment advice?
  4. Screw You Cancer, We're Gonna Win! - Our Story
  5. Wife diagnosed-looking for advice on folfirinox
  6. Haven't posted for awhile ... Update
  7. Whipple Surgery
  8. Pancreatic Cancer on the Rise
  9. 2nd opinion
  10. Moments to Hang Onto - Precious, Funny, Memorable and everything in between
  11. If it's not one thing it's the other! Anyone have a stent put in by their intestines?
  12. What should we expect?
  13. D#MN Autocorrect!!!!
  14. Holiday trip cancelled.
  15. The Biology of Pancreatic Cancer Webinar
  16. Hair color and chemotherapy
  17. Back to the drawing board
  18. Mom has her first CT scan since chemo this Friday....Prayers!
  19. Mom getting angry at my dad because he's not eating.
  20. Y-90
  21. Looking for Christmas miracle!
  22. My Father's Daughter: An introduction of sorts
  23. Back in the ER again.......
  24. Odd Question
  25. Dad Started Hospice
  26. Reality hits home
  27. Going on a diet!
  28. Reality Hits Home, part II
  29. Getting chemo this second... Amazing blood work news!!! :)
  30. Going to get the port put in today thought I would share something funny
  31. Joining the Club
  32. Father just diagnosed
  33. Let's all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  34. :(
  35. Fluid on Abdomen
  36. As if PanCan wasn't enough!
  37. Drugs...?
  38. Christmas cards....
  39. CT Scan Results are in....good sign?
  40. Aagggghhhhh!!!!
  41. Is chemo worth it?
  42. Please Help
  43. PC stage 3 and folfirinox at MGH
  44. Finished Chemo/Radiation Today! Got to Ring a Bell
  45. I'm feeling so anxious...
  46. Missing Lisa Renee...:(
  47. Need to get a second opinion...good doctors in California?
  48. Chemo starts tomorrow
  49. Just checking in 😊
  50. Acting as an advocate for my friend
  51. Overwhelmed Husband diagnosed 6 days ago
  52. Cachexia
  53. Am I the only one here spending Xmas in the hospital?
  54. Update on my father - ERCP today
  55. Dad's latest symptoms
  56. Some of our favorite things...
  57. Merry Christmas everyone! :) xoxo sending love from Michigan
  58. Merry xmas
  59. Just Venting
  60. Another ER and Hospital stay
  61. Still stunned with many questions
  62. Signs it's time for hospice
  63. Getting pancreatic tail surgery in 2weeks. Scared to death.
  64. And the bacteria is stenotrophomonas maltophilia.
  65. santa gave me the best present! 5 lb weight gain on my husband
  66. A question for anyone that's had experience with Folfirinox
  67. can a pancreas tumor just die on its own with no treatment?
  68. From Stage 3 Inoperable to NED...My Five Year Story of Survival
  69. has anyone done TPN therapy at home?
  70. Need to vent a little
  71. Is it Cancer?
  72. 2012 - In so many ways, the best year of my life
  73. from hiccups to hamburgers
  74. My best friend passed away
  75. New here - wish I had no reason to be here!
  76. Another bump in the road
  77. Gemzar.....side effects?
  78. please explain TPN
  79. belching any help
  80. can husband get chemo if he has high white blood count?
  81. The cocktail known as Folfirinox
  82. 12 month no chemo or any treatment
  83. can it spread to liver if lfts tests are still good
  84. Side effects of Abraxene/ Gemcitabine
  85. My Dad was just diagnosed w/Stage 4 & I need your insight
  86. Ascites and No Treatment
  87. As good new as I could hope, I guess.
  88. GOODBYE 2012!!!! Seeya! Helloooo 2013!
  89. New Years Eve Present from my Klepto hospitalized husband
  90. Stop wishing me a happy new year.
  91. Husband Wayne back in hospital
  92. High Calcium Level
  93. Port not in right place it could only happen time!
  94. carnt keep food down
  95. Wayne still in hospital but we have a plan
  96. Folfirinox did not work
  97. Support for my Dad's last days
  98. Incredible back pain.
  99. I think I need .... a dog!
  100. HELP options to help gain weight
  101. Things I've Learned at the Hospital
  102. When did I become the enemy?
  103. resusitate or not. how to deciede
  104. This may by my Dad's last night
  105. I am so afraid. Hospice bringing Wayne home today.
  106. burning pain in my dad belly help
  107. holaperidole is anyone taking
  108. Is this the calm before ????
  109. haloperidole and buccastem any help
  110. PT and biopsy because of enlarged lymph nodes?
  111. I'm fed up of trying to help him!!
  112. second opinion?
  113. Good Days and Bad Days
  114. ALL SO FAST! Mom at 74. Stage 4 pancreatic (we think). Advice and opinions welcome!
  115. Lashing out?
  116. Sobbin' in the Sushi bar
  117. does this prolong suffering?
  118. Folfirinox
  119. Need a date? Come to infusion!!!
  120. BEST CA19-9 results yet for me!!!!
  121. Sky just fell again
  122. Thinking of all of you!!!
  123. Should we continue chemo break?
  124. Doctors discovered a mass on the head of the pancreas
  125. 2012 The Best of Times/The Worst of Times
  126. white blood cells high any help
  127. Numb Bum
  128. Clots and heart problems linked to PC?
  129. new here: my Dad has pancreatic cancer again
  130. Just a bad night
  131. Good Times Over for Now...
  132. 1st round FolFox started today
  133. another bad night - the end is near
  134. Wayne passed away this morning at 430 am.
  135. Bowel movements
  136. Experience with radiation...
  137. question?
  138. Helping Friend - Gathering Information
  139. Some Good News for a change for this Forum
  140. Pancreas Removed Today
  141. Way past the 3-6 month mark.
  142. He's home....
  143. I am so so worried (father)
  144. Dad
  145. I'm a newbie with PNET..Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumours
  146. Wish they would just shut up
  147. Creon?
  148. help my dad just sick his stent omg
  149. Hello everyone...looking forward to making new friends here..I have PNET, liver mets
  150. mom with pancreatic cancer
  151. Shot for bowel movements?
  152. Shell-Shocked
  153. Weak Sounding Voice and Now Forgetting Some Things
  154. Does this make any sense??
  155. Laparoscopic tumor removal
  156. CAT Scan: New lymph node - chemo/radiation new plan
  157. still waiting for scan/xray since crazy stent episode
  158. help with the website
  159. Positive diagnosis - I'm crushed.
  160. Surgery Tomorrow Hopin/Prayin for the Best! 1 question~
  161. low blood sugar help
  162. low blood sugar what best to do
  163. Delayed Gastric Emptying after surgery?
  164. The end?
  165. Fading...please pick up dad
  166. CT Scan results; another terrible blow.
  167. what is a emergency scan in uk? how long? a joke
  168. PNET and Y90
  169. Successful Whipple Jan 16 2013 - now waiting for more answers
  170. At last
  171. emergency scan! 8days later
  172. vacation well needed
  173. Good Morning
  174. Black humor
  175. My Dad was just diagnosed
  176. New, scared and unsure
  177. I think my dad is dying
  178. Hi Everyone
  179. Such a Roller Coaster Ride This Weekend
  180. People that have lost loved ones to cancer/other illnesses...
  181. Can't stop the weight loss
  182. Dad and Hospice
  183. The Ultimate
  184. CT Scan - Good News
  185. dads so called emergency scan
  186. Support for Orly
  187. End of life due to Pancan and sedation
  188. Mom starts radiation today...
  189. The yellow brick road......
  190. Really Worried...
  191. My very first post...
  192. I never heard of a "good" kind of Pan can.
  193. Looking for opinions/thoughts on something....
  194. Blocked duodenum..thoughts? Experiences?
  195. Abraxane plus gemcitabine news
  196. FYI: Interesting News
  197. Bone mets?
  198. I can't stop eating!
  199. My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on Jan 22 2013
  200. New Feature in the Forum
  201. not digesting food
  202. Really Nice Hospice Visit
  203. hi everyone
  204. My father passed away.
  205. Set to Start......
  206. Another Surgery :(
  207. Folfirinox was too tough-switching to Folfox
  208. Eeeeeeeeeeee gads
  209. Teacher1 - How are you doing?
  210. Update on my Dad
  211. My father's case, looking for opinions
  212. help with web site
  213. Localized Pancreatic Tumor
  214. blood results
  215. Hello! Happy Monday!
  216. Junivia ?
  217. emergency scan omg gets worse
  218. Great Article
  219. does anyone know a good website for surgeons
  220. Anti depressant
  221. Fever associated with Chemo
  222. Whats Next
  223. Another New Person
  224. acid relux
  225. 2 weeks post-op Whipple - how did you or your loved feel?? Follow up with Surgeon -
  226. Really depressed
  227. How long can the End be?
  228. Brain Mets question
  229. Checking in and sending love
  230. Back from Vacation
  231. Hi All
  232. Folfirinox...has anyone had this treatment?
  233. Update on my dad
  234. Hiccups - at our wits end.
  235. Update on my dad
  236. Thank You
  237. Tumor Marker
  238. Calling on my Forum Family
  239. Folfirinox...has anyone had this treatment?
  240. Another Angel
  241. Liquid morphine
  242. hallucinating
  243. Just got diganosed with pancreatic cancer.
  244. Ontario Canadians out there
  245. Steroids to increase appetite
  246. My father is dying
  247. ct scan at last
  248. Dads on a treatment break/I need a vacation
  249. Abraxane only?
  250. total sabotage of treatment