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  32. Any advice would be appreciated
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  34. esophageal cancer
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  44. Can anyone offer support, guidance or advice please
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  63. pls help
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  78. Do I have pre-cancer of the stomach or Barretts Esophagus
  79. Pre-Cancer of Stomach that grew quickly? Anyone?
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  97. Pls. suggest
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  108. chemo
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  113. My father with EC...
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  119. EC - Cancer Free since Aug. 2006!
  120. my gf has cancer and went to chemo therapy today
  121. Should i get this checked out?
  122. Scared.... newcomer
  123. new comer please help
  124. what could this be?
  125. Could I have esophageal cancer like dad?
  126. in hopes youll respond
  127. Please help with advice
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  129. how long is a few weeks
  130. Liver and timeframe
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  177. stage four espohageal cancer
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  203. Hi everyone!
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  211. Esophageal cancer survival times
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  214. peritoneal cavity
  215. PET Scans & False Positives
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  218. Please tell me what you think..
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  236. YOU might have the answers I am looking for!
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  240. Another newbie
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