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  1. Looking for advice for my Mom
  2. Please help me! I don't know what to do with my mother - need info - i'm very worried
  3. Just Diagnosed
  4. Recently Diagnosed
  5. How long should I wait to get Hysterectomy?
  6. PARP Inhibitors for Uterine Cancers
  7. I need to talk before I go crazy
  8. Scared... Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. Please help...strange unknown mass in my Mom
  10. it's not sure yet how bad but she has cancer
  11. Endometrial Cancer Recurrence
  12. HIPEC Treatment.
  13. awaiting second biopsy
  14. I need advice please
  15. Terrified
  16. Endometrium 7mm, no spotting, waiting to see consultant, advice please!!!
  17. Really worried about mother in law :(
  18. I need information with my mom's endometrial cancer. Please help!
  19. Mother recently diagnosed
  20. Response to recent posts by Tony, Sam, Anjo, etc.
  21. Hi everyone I am new here & I would like to explain my story
  22. Confused about stage 2 uterine cancer diagnosis for my Mom, any thoughts?
  23. Anyone had endometrial cells on PAP smear and questions about coloscopy?
  24. Crysap
  25. what does Histopathology report shows and what should we do now ???????
  26. Stage 1b/1c uterine cancer...2 tiny lung nodules found, DR says not to be concerned?
  27. Biopsy done two days ago
  28. is endometrium adinocarcinoma caused during intercourse??????
  29. Recently Diagnosed Stage 2 Uterine Cancer
  30. Length of waiting time to get a biopsy done.
  31. Time until treatment
  32. worried sick about my mom please help!
  33. Mum;I love you
  34. Hi, newbie who is scared
  35. Just recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer
  36. Hi
  37. Hello I'm new here and have endometrioid adenocarcinoma grade 1
  38. Finally got a date for my procedure...
  39. Transvaginal ultrasound
  40. Advanced endometrial cancer; really need some orientation
  41. Waiting for results
  42. more than a little worried
  43. natalie
  44. CT scan with mass on pelvic wall/Recurrence?
  45. My mom has Leiomyosarcoma, can anyone relate in anyway?? Please
  46. grade 1
  47. Should my wife take part in this clinical trial?
  48. I am so scared, can someone help
  49. Uterine Cancer
  50. FIGO Grade 3, Stage 1B, adenocarcinoma
  51. Stressed
  52. Good news at last!
  53. Port-A-Cath
  54. undefined endometrium?
  55. Recently Diagnosed with Endometrial adenocarcinoma, Terrified.
  56. new here not diagnosed yet
  57. Could my 3 month followups have missed something?
  58. Treatment so called "options"
  59. Walking events, Fundraisers, anything?
  60. 34 yrs old Adenocarcinoma Atypical Complex Hyperplasia
  61. 2 years of symptoms and frustration...
  62. mom was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, stage 1
  63. Breast Cancer now Endometrial Cancer
  64. Endometrial biopsy
  65. ?for conservative treatment for endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial adenocarcinoma
  66. Emerging from my haze
  67. Diagnosed 3 Days ago....State of Shock
  68. Good news at last
  69. Endometrium cancer
  70. mom has uterine cancer/ high risk surgery
  71. Confused...CT/Ultrasound contradictions
  72. Help! Question about symptoms
  73. Waiting For Biopsy Results...New Here
  74. Robotic Surgery Day Finally Here!
  75. I am new here - and waiting for biopsy results
  76. Another one waiting for results..
  77. My results were 'inconclusive'?????
  78. Atypical Cells in peritoneal washings - anyone else?
  79. Endometrial cancer age 24
  80. Premenopausal DUB or something more sinister?
  81. needing a hysteroscopy after transvaginal ultrasound
  82. Scared with so many questions
  83. Fiance's Endometrial Cancer Following Breast Cancer Treatment.
  84. I have uterine cancer stage 1 and not giving up hope on having kids please help
  85. Should I be worried?
  86. Endometrial Hyperplasia Treatment Questions
  87. Uterine Cancer Stage 2, grade 2 radiation?
  88. endometrial cancer with mirena coil
  89. worried sick can't sleep
  90. Stage 3b uterine mass with horrible pain! My poor Mom!
  91. Getting a 2nd opinion for recurrent endometrial cancer treatment
  92. Chemo/radiation starts tomorrow and I'm worried about Mom!
  93. Finally some help!
  94. endometrial thickening stripe
  95. Question on side effects of brachytherapy
  96. Menopaisal spotting/Past HPV
  97. STAGE 1B,GRADE 3....future prognosis?
  98. D&C w/Hysteroscopy Scheduled. My endometrial lining is only 3.6! Yikes!
  99. How did you get results???
  100. What to expect after hysterectomy?
  101. Dosage of megace for endometrial cancer stage 1 what are you taking? Please reply!
  102. So much to think about
  103. Hysteroscopy revealed uterine cancer
  104. Waiting for diagnosis
  105. Endometrial Biopsy Negative for Cancer -- question re follow up
  106. Can a retained placenta (or history of) be linked to uterine cancer?
  107. breast cancer
  108. Uterine Cancer? I am only 31 years old
  109. Endometrial Cancer/Hysterectomy
  110. Help! I Think I have Endometrial Cancer
  111. breast cancer
  112. New here from South Jersey
  113. 33 years old, stage 2a uterine cancer, still want kids
  114. Mom diagnosed with Stage 3B Endometrial - Adeno carcinoma
  115. Looking for uterine cancer doctor in Michigan- Detroit area
  116. Another friend joins the circle
  117. Staging
  118. Just Diagnosed with Grade 1
  119. need advice, new here
  120. Difficulty with hysterosonogram due to "resistance"?
  121. utrine biopsy
  122. Help interpreting ultrasound results - should I request a biopsy
  123. orange sized tumors in two months - possible?
  124. How did it first start and how did u find out?
  125. Please help
  126. endometrial cancer diagnosis
  127. Ultrasound and Biopsy tomorrow
  128. Had my DR appt today
  129. Carsinomasarcoma
  130. Please help me
  131. 5 year survival rate
  132. Hysterectomy for stage 1 cancer - can I keep my ovaries
  133. Waiting for results and a hysterectomy due to pain and abnormal bleeding.
  134. Online Support Group
  135. Help Should I worry about this?
  136. Ladies... please help!
  137. Questions on Biopsy
  138. Endometrial Cancer Diagnosis, So Sad
  139. 27 yr old newbie, hello! waiting for diagnosis.
  140. Worried Moms cancer might have spread :(
  141. My mum worried about lymph node in neck i year after uterine cancer diagnosis.....
  142. New to forum
  143. Concerns about timing of procedures
  144. Children taking my diagnosis hard
  145. endometrial cancer
  146. Just diagnosed with endometrial cancer - how to tell family?
  147. does anybody know a stage 4 survivor?
  148. awaiting biopsy results
  149. lymphadenectomy and Vena Cava injury ?
  150. please explain
  151. Uterine Carcinosarcoma
  152. Should I get a biopsy?
  153. First Day after Diagnosis
  154. Please HELP me understand
  155. Diagnosed before 50?
  156. UPSC Stage 3
  157. Grade 2 - Remove Lymph Nodes?
  158. Mom newly diagnosed stage 3 a grade 2... Help needed
  159. MMMT Stage1c
  160. 35 and high risk with polyps
  161. New. Only 28 years old. Not sure what I "have" yet
  162. Post menopausal bleeding
  163. Child with benign teratoma removed now showing elevated AFP (Alpha Feto-protein)???
  164. Another newbie to the group
  165. Appointment tomorrow-Results! SCARED
  166. Heart and endometrial problems- any information is appreciated
  167. 37 yrs old 15mm endometrial thickness, pain in abdomen, irritable, can't sleep much
  168. No dx yet, symptoms and findings are scaring me
  169. Advise on Mother's First Doctor Meeting Post Hysterectomy—Biopsy Results Not Negative
  170. Im 30 yo with grade 2 edometrial cancer had a laparoscopic hysterectomy
  171. Daughter with Endometriosis and her GP
  172. Waiting Aresults
  173. Worried...
  174. Waiting inpatiently
  175. Newly Diagnosed
  176. megace didn't work
  177. Tamoxifen-induced endometrial cancer?
  178. Cancer missed in Hysterectomy for fibroids
  179. I have Endo Cancer, Frightened, & Don't Know What to Do
  180. Waiting . . . wondering.
  181. Uterine cancer & bleeding after surgery
  182. evelyn
  183. failed firstline treatment
  184. Just Diagnosed
  185. New to forum with question for women who were diagnosed before menopause
  186. newly diagnosed
  187. don't understand
  188. Had endometrial biposy for mass in uterus, need urgent advice
  189. worried and scared
  190. Brachyradiation??? What to expect
  191. New Here...Waiting for a Diagnosis
  192. Newly diagnosed with radiation question
  193. need chemo/radiation
  194. I am scared
  195. Few questions while waiting for biopsy results
  196. Questions We Should Ask the Doc?
  197. Nightmare
  198. Recurrence Rates?
  199. A question for other post op ladies
  200. Has anyone became addicted to oxycontin and percoset? Mom is after her hysterectomy
  201. Just diagnosed
  202. Your advice/encouragement is needed
  203. How long did it take to get biopsy results?
  204. Uterine Cancer *Clinical Trial GOG258 HELP
  205. histopathology test
  206. stage 3c grade 1 chemo AND radiation?
  207. Uterine stage 3 cancer
  208. Newbie Looking for Some Advice and What to Expect...
  209. Testing after ultrasound?
  210. Newbie with scary symptoms, would love any advice you can give
  211. Looking for your experience with external beam radiation
  212. Hi All! New Caregiver Hoping to Get Up-To-Speed
  213. Advice for building back strength after chemotherapy
  214. Advice please ?endometrial cancer
  215. Endometrial Grade 2
  216. Decision to make....
  217. Upsc
  218. New and just need someone to talk to while I go through investigations
  219. Did you have any of these symptoms?
  220. stage 3b endometrial cancer with traces in the blood..?
  221. I don't really have anyone to talk to about this.....
  222. Had Hysteroscopy yesterday - initial signs not looking good
  223. Advice about my stepmom's recurrent (progressive?) uterine carcinosarcoma
  224. Uterine lining too thick; tests coming + SO SCARED. Any thoughts?
  225. Clean petscan only 3 months ago
  226. Just diagnosed with serous carcinoma (uterine)
  227. Hormonal therapy for pre-menopause women
  228. hysteroscopy-endometrial biopsy
  229. Endometrial Cancer at 28...
  230. Scared- insight?
  231. Newly diagnosed
  232. Had appt this morning-advice?
  233. first time- got the full news today
  234. Need advice, someone please help
  235. Not yet diagnosed, but scared to death
  236. Quick question
  237. 36 and just diagnosed
  238. Pcos and biopsy question
  239. Upsc
  240. Having tests done, awaiting results. Looking for support!
  241. Hysterosonography
  242. how quickly does uterus cancer progress
  243. Blood work results
  244. Ultrasound + ultrasound = biopsy. Ugh.
  245. Biopsy
  246. Sonohysterography
  247. Update
  248. Well...first post
  249. Update
  250. Uterine cancer?