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  16. Hi, I am a long term throat cancer survivor
  17. Head and neck cancer
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  22. Dilemma: surgery, or watch & wait
  23. Im scared.
  24. Don't want to remove the rest! What to do???
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  26. How good are MRI's in finding cancer in throat/neck?
  27. What is the best hospital in Chicago for head/neck cancer?
  28. Things I've learned about eating,,with dry mouth
  29. thyroid cancer
  30. my husband, squamos cell carinoma
  31. Weird Symptoms - Can Anyone Help/Relate?
  32. Do not know what this is...
  33. thyroid
  34. Stage II Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma - Costs in USA?
  35. thyroid cancer
  36. Very sore throat and ear after treatment and in remission
  37. is this throat cancer?
  38. my husband tonsil/nodes cancer
  39. What do these lumps suggest? Mouth cancer!?
  40. Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
  41. Waiting for biopsy
  42. Information regarding Mouth Cancer
  43. Stuck waiting for biopsy and confused/frustrated
  44. Lapatinib (brand name Tykerb)
  45. thyroid cancer complications?
  46. I am very scared right now! Please help!
  47. lump and ear pain, could this be cancer?
  48. thyrogen injections
  49. Thyroglobulin serum test
  50. False teeth & Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  51. swollen lymph node
  52. Tibia Metastase
  53. Does it sound like thyroid cancer?
  54. Really worried and scared
  55. Insurance question. Pre existing condition?
  56. Enlarged Cervical Lymph Nodes and Thyroid
  57. Can you help! Base of the tongue cancer help.
  58. Adenoid hypertrophy!?!?!
  59. i have thyroid cancer day1
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  62. Need Help Understanding RAI (Thyroid Cancer)
  63. Could this be thyroid cancer?
  64. surgical scar
  65. Colds after total thyroidectomy
  66. Is there hope?
  67. nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  68. over 8 years and no diagnosis HELP
  69. Questions about a thyroid uptake scan
  70. Hypothyroid Diet vs. Low Iodine Diet
  71. RAI dilema
  72. total thyroidectomy incision
  73. Thyroid Cancer/Post Surgery ?
  74. lymphoma of throid
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  76. My dad's CT scan
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  78. bad vision post surgery
  79. hypothyroidism, hard lymph nodes, blood in phlegm
  80. Metastatic carcinoma pyriform fossa -- Treatment line
  81. elevated thyroglobulin after 8 yrs thyroidectomy
  82. Pain in the Neck
  83. I feel alone and depressed...
  84. Medullary Thyroide cancer
  85. Tomotherapy - What are the side effects?
  86. scared about the future
  87. Thyroid Cancer-3 yrs ago - problems with dosage of synthroid
  88. Looking for info on support ribbons
  89. A decision must be made soon.
  90. Worried about my mom
  91. Can't handle this.
  92. LID recipes
  93. Biopsy n MRI Report !!!!! Help Needed
  94. New to the Journey
  95. New Here
  96. Combating nausea after chemo and radiation; squamous tonsil
  97. Please help
  98. freaking out!
  99. Cancer of the Esophagus
  100. laryngoscopy scheduled Friday
  101. Thyrogen and iodine
  103. Tumor Growth
  104. Tiny Papillary Carcinoma 1 yr ago, lymphs big now
  105. Think I have throat cancer
  106. prognosis, cancer of the oseophagus
  107. They want to slit my throat? Do what?
  108. Challenging tumours for GP to identify?
  109. Seaweed therapy for advanced cancer?
  110. Ease my mind by telling me I'm over reacting
  111. Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
  112. what they found...
  113. Sores on side of tongue, common symptom of cancer?
  114. not sure what else to do.. radiation side effects
  115. Poor Doctors? Where to go from here. Cancer spreading fast.
  116. Last resort, please help
  117. Any help you could give me for my dad would be great
  118. Help with learning to swallow with feeding tube
  119. Numbness to Rt Hand and Difficulty Swallowing Food.
  120. thyroid goiter/nodules
  121. squamous cell carcinomas of unknown origin
  122. Help with feeding tube please
  123. What do you think?
  124. Please help, is this cancer?
  125. could this be
  126. Advice needed
  127. Help with a strange and miserable after-effect from radiation
  128. Hurthle Cell Thyroid Cancer
  129. Steven, my friend with tongue cancer
  130. Hi from Arizona
  131. Mother with cancer in neck/spine - questions
  132. Any help would be great
  133. Help with Oropharyngeal cancer
  134. Quick question if anyone is watching
  135. Adenocarcinoma
  136. Thymoma
  137. thyroid cancer 4 yrs ago, now pregnant and come back!
  138. Enlarged lymph nodes, tightness in throat
  139. Total thyroidectomy or Lobectomy???
  140. Husband was diagnosed with Pappilary carnicoma - what to expect?
  141. Benign tumor of parotid gland. Pain?
  142. Metastases to lungs
  143. need help with your experiences please
  144. Alternatives to IMRT and chemo
  145. Radiation levels after RAI treatment?
  146. Possible that i might have Cancer
  147. Rare case of Papillary - Iodine 131 soon! Need support.
  148. Help me please, Oral cancer reoccured 3rd time in a year
  149. Megace and Weight Gain
  150. Please help! Possibly thyroid cancer?
  151. Head and neck cancer
  152. Throat or thyroid cancer?
  153. throat cancer? Please advise
  154. Lump on my head
  155. prognosis?
  156. nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  157. Benign Pleomorphic Parotid Adenoma and tumour/ tumor submandibular gland - Insection?
  158. Bobble in mouth
  159. HPV and Thyroid cancer
  160. mucoepidermoid carcinoma recurrence PET scan results
  161. maybe parotid gland recurrence no insurance
  162. Am I right to be worried? 4-5+yrs of problems 24yo.
  163. Parotid Masses
  164. nasopharyngeal cancer
  165. Several Nodules found inside the right side of my neck
  166. Could it be tonsil cancer?
  167. Healing begins with love.
  168. How does one feel after total thyroidectomy?
  169. Mouth cancer treatment options
  170. Newly diagnosed adenocarcinoma GE junction with liver mets
  171. Has anyone experienced red, watery eyes?
  172. Please this is urgent any help will be greatly appreciated
  173. Possible maxillary sinus cancer..
  174. I've been feelin pain my neck
  175. Tumor on tonsil
  176. Current TSH guidelines
  177. how does cancer spread?
  178. Neck Dissection?
  179. Sphenoid Sinus Mass, please help translate
  180. How am I doing?
  181. Throat Cancer
  182. What to do with possible throat cancer
  183. Oral Cancer? Only 33 years old? No smoking?
  184. Feeding tube or Not?
  185. What to expect from radiation to the throat?
  186. Thyroid rna.....due.....is it cancer...please help!!!
  187. Esophagus Cancer
  188. Throat Cancer Week 3
  189. Loved one diagnosed w/ Stage 4 (C) throat cancer..
  190. MTC - post-operative Calcitonine levels
  191. Radiation mask tip
  192. Diagnosed with Salivary Gland Cancer (SCC)
  193. Hungry
  194. mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the salivary gland
  195. 3D model of lab-made tissue that mimics the lining of the oral cavity
  196. B-raf v600e positive, now what?
  197. Sinis cancer very rare
  198. Can you get pain in the base of the back of the neck from thyroid cancer?
  199. Surgery after external radiation
  200. thyroid cancer
  201. Does this look like mouth cancer?
  202. Should i be concerned about this?
  203. Raising awareness for Survivors of Head and Neck Cancer
  204. A young worried soul
  205. One year with Medullary Thyroide cancer
  206. A very hard stony node behind ear-is it normal anatomy?
  207. Newly Diagnosed Thyroid Cancer
  208. The normal after effect of a FNA of the thyroid?
  209. Potential Combination Therapy For Esophageal Cancer?
  210. Nutrition After Treatment
  211. dad just diagnosed with oral cancer,so scared :(
  212. Looking for advice
  213. Afirma test -suspicious
  214. Possible Mouth or Neck Cancer? Or just a simple mucocele. Input appreciated!
  215. On to thyroid biopsy
  216. Help detect what this is!* pictures included*
  217. I'm new to this.
  218. No diagnosis - need advice on next steps
  219. Desperate Thryoid Cancer and Esophagus
  220. Hoarseness for over a week-should I be concerned?
  221. Thyroid nodule
  222. Squamous Cell Carcinoma- Started in tonsil spread to lymph node- Recovery process?
  223. Metastatic neck cancer, unknown primary survival rates
  224. Cancer Survivor - The after effects.
  225. Can anyone help me decipher this ultrasound report????
  226. thyroid cancer and 24 weeks pregnant
  227. Please Help!
  228. Submandibular lumps and an ultrasound
  229. My 76 Year old Mom needs answers after Surgery
  230. Back In The Ring
  231. waiting for Biopsy
  232. Cyberknife
  233. Large Hard Painless Lump on the lower back of neck on left side
  234. Please read.. give me your advice and tell me your story and opinion please
  235. MTC specialist in Asia
  236. My dad has throat cancer...a few questions?
  237. need thoughts ASAP--Oropharyngeal Cancer-Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  238. Long wait after being diagnosed w/ stage 3 throat cancer...harmful?
  239. Huge Lymph Node :(
  240. Symptom check list....
  241. 1.2cm thyroid nodule
  242. NPC spread to liver
  243. Thyroid Cancer - NM Scan - Help
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  247. Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma - radiation question
  248. Anyone from India
  249. Salivary gland cancer
  250. Suspicious for Folicular neoplasm