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  8. Purpose of this forum -- please read before posting
  9. Lymphoma ABVD / BEACOPP Response adapted trial.
  10. Clinical Trials for Rare Cancers are run by monkeys
  11. DC Vax Trials Now Enrolling at 4 Sites Nationwide (US)
  12. IPI-926 Trial for Pancreatic Cancer
  13. Ganetespib lung cancer trial
  14. Stimuvax Lung Trial
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  16. NeuVax Breast Cancer Vaccine
  17. cancer trials
  18. Interesting Findings on Clinical Trial Survey
  19. PANVAC Pancreatic cancer vaccine trial
  20. Algenpantucel-L Newlink pancreatic vaccine Phase III
  21. Retroviral Replicating Vector Administered for Recurrent Malignant Glioma
  22. Ibrutinib trials for CLL and some lymphomas
  23. HyperAcute Pancreas Phase 3 Trial
  24. Genetically Engineered Immunotherapy for Advanced Cancer
  25. Victorian (Australia) Research
  26. Does anyone know how long HERCEPTIN stays in your system for?
  27. Australian clinical trials
  28. New trial recruiting, ketonic diet
  29. Clinical trials for T-Cell Lymphoma patients (PTCL-NOS, ALCL, AITL, NK/T-cell, etc.)
  30. Cancer fighting cold virus plus chemo for pancreatic cancer
  31. Indolent Lymphoma Vaccine Trial now recruiting participants
  32. Adoptive T-cell therapy in Asia?
  33. Ovarian Cancer (perfusion induced systemic hyperthermia) in San Jose, CA
  34. Anyone hear about this clinical trial for GBM using CBD:THC?
  35. Clinical Trial Question - Someone Please Help
  36. NIH exceptional responders to cancer therapy study (NCT02243592)
  37. Clinical Trial Results for MK-3475 (Keytruda) on NSCLC
  38. Novartis Signature Trial Program (USA only)
  39. NCI MATCh Trial (Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice)
  40. LLS wonderful resource and will do a *personalized* clinical trial search for you!
  41. Traditional verses non-traditional treatment
  42. MRI Prostate Screening for High-Risk men
  43. Can we get a sticky with advice on how laypeople should search for clinical trials?