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  1. do I have lung cancer?
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  10. worried about my daughter...
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  14. Lymphoma
  15. Still trying to figure out what's wrong with me.
  16. Feeling of lump in throat
  17. Do you think this is stomach cancer or a stomach ulcer in your opinion ?
  18. Melanoma Questions (bleeding mole)
  19. For those concerned about Lymphoma and why lymph nodes rise.
  20. No Medical pictures allowed.
  21. Think you have Pancreatic Cancer? Please read before posting!
  22. lymphnodes
  23. 22 Year old, just had my first colposcopy & biopsy two days ago. Just need to vent.
  24. HVP Colposcopy And abroad
  25. Are you kidding me? Abnormal pap 2 yrs after b.c. dx and successful tx of THAT?
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  27. Doctor was looking for Crohn's and found a polyp instead. I'm 25 and kind of stunned.
  28. Light brown mole turned red
  29. Worried
  30. 19f worried about uterine cancer advice plz
  31. Tomorrow - at last
  32. Where do people post about Spinal tumours?
  33. 3 year old with frequent headaches....
  34. Female/23y/10.5mm painless lymph node - neck
  35. noone answers my post.. please help very worried 19f uterine cancer
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  37. some advice needed please
  38. Possible brain tumor?
  39. Praying I'm just tripping
  40. What symptoms did you have before you were diagnosed with a tumor?
  41. Pheochromocytoma possibly returning?
  42. Confused on results lymphoma/thyroid cancer
  43. Help
  44. Is This Cancer?
  45. 1st timer
  46. Persistent hpv/cin i/ascus :(
  47. When do you tell family that you might have cancer?
  48. Scared!!
  49. Cancer and blood test
  50. Normal wait times for testing?
  51. question about lymph node
  52. Worried, and P*ssed off with my doctors!
  53. Cervical Cancer
  54. Conglomerate mass in neck
  55. Liver cancer and genetics?
  56. Scared that i have lymphoma
  57. A Mother's Worst Nightmare
  58. Enlarged Lymph Node in Groin Three months and still Going
  59. The Lymphoma Itch
  60. Waiting game :(
  61. Should I go to the dermatologist or podiatrist? (pic)
  62. Biopsy
  63. 16mnth old with High Alk Phos and low C-peptide levels
  64. Scared my 3 year old son has lymphoma!! Advise please!!
  65. Worried/Scared of Testicular Cancer
  66. Very worried and sick to death of worrying!
  67. Concerned.
  68. 1-year swollen lymph in neck
  69. Should I get checked out?
  70. What do I do? 16 year old girl..
  71. Scared/worried that I may have Cervical Cancer
  72. Possible Lymphoma??
  73. Could this be prostate cancer?
  74. Possible METS from adrenal cortical carcinoma
  75. New and stressed out.
  76. Anyone been through similar?
  77. Lymphoma?
  78. In desperate need of advice regarding Ovarian Cancer!!!
  79. CRP 0.30 (ref range 0.0-3.0)
  80. New here, I have polops and am worried
  81. I am very depressed about my future. Please give me some hope. Picture inside...
  82. Concerns over pancreatic cancer
  83. 46 Year Old Male, Multiple Nonspecific Nodules On Lung Bases.
  84. symptoms
  85. Currently geting tested for brain cancer results tomarow
  86. Concerned about possible ovarian cancer
  87. Newbie Seeing Hematologist Tomorrow
  88. Wondering when I should get screened for Colon cancer
  89. 3 years with swollen lymph nodes, very worried
  90. Bladder infection?
  91. Question about lymphoma
  92. Help!
  93. Possible Cervical Cancer? Please help interpret CT results.
  94. 22 and scared
  95. 21/m Signs of cancer, nervous, please comment
  96. Does it sound like lymphoma symptoms in early stages?
  97. Do I have lymphoma?
  98. dreadful medical history, afraid of lymphoma
  99. "mass" found
  100. Can you grow wisdom teeth on cheek upper cheek bones
  101. Mom's Cancer Round2
  102. Should I get a second opinion on lymphoma diagnosis
  103. Mole on back that previously itched now hurts deep into muscle
  104. Chest X-Ray Results
  105. Worried about asking questions
  106. Getting myself at it :-( two lots of tests
  107. Lymphoma? Leukemia? Hoping someone can help
  108. Biopsy results yesterday "You're about to get Lymphoma"
  109. Worried about possible cancer? How bout REALLY REALLY REALLY Worried.
  110. Worried I may have breast cancer
  111. worried, 7cm ovarian cyst
  112. Worried about cervical cancer
  113. Mammogram+breast density= scared!
  114. The longer I wait, the more symptoms I google
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  118. New here and worried
  119. Scared I have oral cancer
  120. Colon cancer??
  121. Scared
  122. Awaiting results
  123. New to the forum - Extreme Panic, Need Advice
  124. I found a lump on the side of my neck
  125. Knowing I might have breast cancer..
  126. Colpscopy Results In Conization Possiible Cancer Need advice
  127. At my wits end, someone help please
  128. Really worried about possible colon cancer
  129. Throat Cancer?
  130. Advice please
  131. Should I be worried?
  132. My dads ill, bolt out of the blue, in shock and dont know what to do
  133. worried, please help me
  134. now sure
  135. Lung cancer????
  136. Very Worried about Pancreatic Cancer
  137. Single mom worried about biopsy i had for uterus cancer or cervix cancer
  138. Waiting for results...
  139. Possible chance of melanoma? Help please?
  140. Confused
  141. signs of lymphoma or testicular cancer?
  142. Lsil mild dysplasia and hpv 16 (high risk)
  143. Scared Just Need Info Please
  144. New and nervous
  145. I don't know.
  146. Neck lymph nodes... are they suggestive of lymphoma?
  147. getting paranoid
  148. Scared out of my mind!
  149. Worried I might have cancer
  150. Swollen Lymph Nodes?
  151. Worried a CT scan 4 months ago missed pancreatic cancer
  152. Father in hospital, masses found
  153. Painless Neck Nodes and Strange Symptoms
  154. A little concerned. Help me please? I just want opinions.
  155. High Grade Dysplasia
  156. I think I might have testicular cancer (TC) scared of telling parents
  157. Is this something to worry about?
  158. do i have cancer? please help with some advise x
  159. Bone Involvement Lymphoma and Symptom Frequeny
  160. Hodgkins Questions...
  161. Help!!!
  162. my 18 yr old daughter, generalized rubbery nodes
  163. Had Broncoscopy/mediastialectomy Friday
  164. Just a few questions.
  165. Throat problems
  166. Worried about colon cancer
  167. Possible liposarcoma/other tissue sarcoma on thigh
  168. Worried about a mole
  169. Swollen lymph nodes for 2 1/2 years age 19 now
  170. Worried about Ovarian Cancer
  171. Omg. Omg omg. Surgery tomorrow
  172. 4mm lesion in colon
  173. Large Mass found in Liver
  174. New here wit a question about colon cancer
  175. 2 moles/growths connected in the middle
  176. I'm a nervous wreck about these lymph nodes
  177. Painless swollen neck node
  178. menopausal or not frustrating doctors different stories
  179. Birthmark has gotten darker, black spots appearing. Melanoma?
  180. Lymph node in neck and tonsil biopsy
  181. One 4cm spot on liver and multiple spots on bones
  182. Lumps all over body for several years
  183. Cancer?
  184. 35 Year Old with Adenoma in Colon Tissue and Rectal Bleeding
  185. We don't even know what to think!
  186. 16 and think cancer is back
  187. 20 YO with large colon polyp discovered today!
  188. Please help me..!!!
  189. worried about colon cancer
  190. Questions before surgery
  191. Rash appeared, worth getting checked out again?
  192. Tonsil cancer?
  193. Possible Ovarian Cancer?
  194. Night sweats, chest discomfort, anxiety... Lymphoma?
  195. I am worried I could have stomach cancer
  196. Meaty, fixed, bean-sized lump in the back of my neck for 4 months now.
  197. Teratoma
  198. Cervical cancer?
  199. Should i request lymph node biopsy? What should i expect?
  200. Lump underneath my nipple......but I'm male
  201. Cervical Cancer Symptoms? .
  202. Itchy mole -- scared!
  203. What is the cause of my blood loss?
  204. Cysts
  205. Back Pain when I cough, is it a possible symptom of cancer?
  206. Coughed up some blood-stained mucus from lungs
  207. Mononucleosis or lymphoma?
  208. Worried about colon cancer
  209. Cost of lymph node biopsy? (Excisional lymph node biopsy) Van Nuys, Ca
  210. SPTCL, anyone?
  211. Should I be worried about ovarian cancer?
  212. cervical cancer concern
  213. Scary cyst - surgery soon - I'm stressed
  214. mild thickening of the sigmoid
  215. Pain with alcohol consumption.. Hodgkin's?
  216. 5 year old with possible lymphoma
  217. Worried in wales
  218. Concerned... Unexplained swollen lymph nodes
  219. Please help
  220. My mom might have cancer, I don't know what to do!
  221. need some advice (about pancreatic cancer)
  222. I probably have pancreatic cancer. And I wish I wasn't but I'm terrified.
  223. I've lost my passion
  224. Benign mole repigmentation?
  225. can a abdomen cat scan with contrast detect bladder cancer
  226. Sad and Depressed 18 year old,convinced I have lymphoma; please respond
  227. Diagnosis
  228. Question regarding radiation due to CT scans and a PET scan.
  229. Going insane thinking i have lung cancer :(
  230. Worried about bladder cancer
  231. ball like lump in neck
  232. Biopsy soon, scared !!!!!
  233. Afraid I might have a very serious illnes
  234. abdomen cat scan with contrast
  235. cat scan
  236. how is lymphoma diagnosed
  237. cat scan
  238. possible lymphoma
  239. Penile cancer
  240. Hemangioma on liver & pancreotic lymph nodes : Scared of pancerus cancer
  241. scared..
  242. Could It Be Health Anxiety (Hypochondria) or Cyberchondira?
  243. Pancreatic Cancer?
  244. mole on back
  245. Lung Nodules
  246. another swollen lymph node post. pre-appt questions
  247. Early symptoms of pancreatic cancer?
  248. Scared to death of throat cancer :( help
  249. suspicious breast symptoms; swollen duct, bleeding from nipple during mammo
  250. concerned about lymphoma - seeking practical advice