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09-10-2009, 12:30 PM
Hi :)

About 2.5 years ago my nan was diagnosed with breast cancer in her lymph glans. The cancer was removed but some was missed and the glans moved the cancer around her body which then lead to bone cancer. She went through Chemo and Radio therapy which killed off any remaining cancer and was given pills to treat the bone cancer. She was in remition for about a year and a few months ago we found out that she had two tiny dots in her liver, she has been given pills to treat this to see if it would slow it down or stop it......we found out yesterday that it hasn't helped and that she will need to start Chemo again in october as the cells have spread further in her liver.

I have read a lot about secondary cancer and from what i can gather is that its not as bad as primary cancer to the liver.
Obvioulsy im very distressed and upset as my nan is basically my mum to me and i guess im trying to prepare myself for when she is no longer with us. No one has/can give us a eta on life expetancey which really annoys me (im one of those people that likes to know things like this so i can prepare) and i was wondering if anyone might have any info or have had simular experiances that might help me?
Obviously its a waiting game at the moment to see if the Chemo will help but any other info would be really appreciated :)

Thank you

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09-17-2009, 03:03 AM
My mom had colon cancer but her liver cancer wasnt a spread so the doctors claim. its been 4 years now and shes still in the cancer battle between chemos radiation side effects etc-its not a predictable outcome with anyone-each person responds to different drugs and treatments differently. There is no particular preperation for any of it-its a huge waiting game which is very stressfull- The only thing that keeps us going is to try and be as positive as you can, if you believe in prayer -dont hesitate to pray, spend time together and make each day count. There are many drugs and treatments out there now. I sincerely hope you find one that will work the best for your situation...P>S> Im one that likes to be prepared to :) but we need to pull ourselves to gether and get through things one day at a time. The people on this forum care alot, they just arent always up to responding, or dont feel they have much advise on some particular topics. I havent been on much myself-just know they care, and you can always come back here and vent-someone will eventually respond.