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10-04-2009, 06:39 AM
Hi there,

Brief background:
Diagnosed and 'cured' of ovarian cancer Sept 19th 2005 (I was 27). Cured by laparotomy (and whatever other procedures they did, like removing appendix, omentum, a couple of lymph nodes).

So symptoms prior to diagnosis were:
bloating: feeling of fullness
x2 periods in 12 months leading up to diagnosis that came about 1.5 weeks early (unusual for me)
heartburn /indigestion
weight gain
migraine headache auras / activity (prone to migraines and this aggrivated by hormonal upsets)

About two months ago, noticed after sex, little spots of blood. This happened on two occasions. Anyone with a history of cancer in the region I am talking about is going to over-react. I did, but then didn't do anything about it. I used to live in a country where I had not only private medical insurance, but also access to free healthcare for emergencies and now I have neither. A basic doctor consult cost me $194 USD. If anything serious goes wrong, I have to hop a plane or die.

Okay so that was a couple of months ago. Period is regulated by contraceptive, so that is normal.

For the past 5 days have noticed a pain in abdomen to the right, front below ribcage. Not low enough to be in my uterus (I do not have a right ovary or fallopian tube anymore so not worried about O.C).
For the past month, I have been fighting migraines and it has been a hard month maintaining a temporary job in a state of haze.

For the past month or so, bowel habits have changed, but that is most likely due to the fact that now I am married and living in another country that is so fond of red meat, my standards are slipping. After surgery in 05, I dramatically changed my diet and up until March this year I ate a lot of rice and veges (not much meat). I used to be regular, but now require help from "Natures Sunshine: LBS II capsules".

A few days ago experienced insane urges to pee, but it only last a day and went away.

Don't have feelings of fullness, except in the right side of my abdomen. Pain feels more like muscle pain, but did not do anything to it - woke up feeling it and I can touch the area and make contact with the area that has the ache.

Reluctant to go to a doctor for at least another week (if pain persists, see doc for symtoms), but as a cancer survivor and knowing that it can develop in other areas long after the initial cancer has been taken care of, I wonder, am I over-reacting. Last year I had a concern about an abnormal pancreas tumor marker test which unfortunately coincided with insane abdominal pain (which I got tested extensively for) and the doctor said that all the tests showed I was completely healthy. I then determined that pehaps the stress of not being with my husband had caused a kind of imaginary pain - the symtoms are real but the source is psychological. The pain I had experienced in the abdomen for a good part of six months on and off was just below the ribcage in the center stomach area - different to now. I had a look at an anatomy book to see where the pain might be (it's not always constant), and it appears to be (hard to know for sure) ascending colon.

Sorry for being long-winded, but getting all the facts out - the misconceptions, the concerns and the possibilities. Sometimes only others that have had cancer or know about it from close kin etc can really understand the paranoia, the concern of being paranoid, the concern for cost of potential diagnostics if required (if anyone knows the cost of a scan (MRI, CT - not sure if they can do ultrasound for bowel) in the midwestern region of the US - no insurance, that would be appreciated. I can never get a straight answer from experts on how much consultations cost, so treatments are probably even more shady. If need be, I'll go to NZ for a follow up (if it works out cheaper than doing diagnostics here, which is possible).

I think I have read that 89% of stage one ovarian cancer survivors live beyond 5 years after diagnosis. If I understand correctly, that means they will generally go on to live regular length life and die of other causes. But then there is always the possibility of mestasis (sp?) or secondary cancer LONG after the first one got taken out, right? What are the chances I could develop bowel cancer several years after removal of an ovarian tumor? I'm not quite 32 and NEVER been pregnant. (Lack of children was a choice, not a dictation over my life.)

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