View Full Version : stage Iv : Lung Cancer

05-19-2005, 07:43 AM
My mom aged 49, was diagonesed with stage4 non small cell lung cancer 3 weeks ago, with primary tumour on a right lobe of the lung, and it metastasised to the brain. She's had two operations - one on the brain and one to remove a lobe of the lungs (lobectomy, which has weakened her greatly).

She's now on a drug called Iressa (generic name : gefitinib) Docs are still in the process of testing for a particular gene to see if it would be appropriate to continue with Iressa. It requires prescription and costs about USD65 each (it's all about profit-maximisation unfortunately)

Meanwhile, I'm not pinning hopes on anything but safer to avoid all meats, fatty food, sugar and excessive salt. Also I've found that there are a couple of things which may actually have some truth to it:

1. PSK, PSP Mushrooms (aka turkey tail). Chinese call it Ling Chee.
2. Watercress

It's super, super-tough for all my family, and I'm an only kid (27 yrs). Despite the despair, keep strong and positive...

My philosophy on life is that random chance is necessary. We can never predict anything with certainty. The fault of the world is for specialists to learn more and more about less and less, and therefore disregard the interdependence of things.

No matter what your oncologist says, try to embrace all of this : nutrition, nature (sunsets, the sound of water, etc.), music, laughter, meditation, aromas & love. Healing Energies. Quality cannot be measured in quantitative ways but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

My thoughts are with all of you. Whatever the outcome, we are all Heroes.