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03-17-2010, 05:53 PM
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my story. After being diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma), I underwent rigorous chemotherapy for one year, radiation and 2 major surgeries. During this time, I had a very tough time with my appetite and trying to eat nutritious food so I relied on liquid nutrition.

As you know, the liquid nutrition that is offered today are of very low quality -- filled with corn syrup, artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, cheap filler proteins, etc. I was shocked when I turned the label around and read that the first ingredient is corn syrup in 2 of the companies leading brands! I was determined to do something so I started blending my own organic, nutritious shakes and make them for others dealing with cancer.

In a time where your body needs the most help, these shakes work against one's health. I then started making my own shakes and the need was so strong that I developed the world's first ready-to-drink organic meal replacement that is available nationwide. We use organic whey protein, real organic fruits and veggies, complex carbs from brown rice and have over 65% less sugar than the leading brands. Best part? Tastes soooo much better as we use the purest ingredients in the world.

If you or a loved one is dealing with cancer, please contact me for more information. Email me at [email protected] com and I will be more than happy to assist anyone.

If these aren't for you, I can give you great nutritional advice to either make your own and what foods to focus on, avoid , etc.

Thank you for your time and I sincerely wish everyone a speedy recovery.

In good health,

Andrew Abraham, M.D.

03-17-2010, 06:21 PM
You can also PM Andrew for more info.

04-12-2010, 05:27 AM
I am experiencing same problem with Andrew. I am afraid of some chemos, setting aside the expenses from it. How can I possibly help myself reduce the cancer cells? What is the name of the product you sell?

04-12-2010, 08:32 PM
gdudak, who is Andrew anyway? I have slight the same problem as wellnessmd and I this Andrew that you said may help us. I should try PM him in this forum.

Hi there -- feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions as well.

Thank you.