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02-23-2011, 10:03 PM
Hi - I had a partial hysterectomy in May 10, in Dec 10 I was suffering from lower pelvic pain and difficulty urinating. A VUS showed a 2.5cm hemorrhagic cyst on left ovary and small one on right. Repeat VUS in Feb 10 and shows that left ovary cyst is now 3.7cm and is complex, right has disappeared. The nurse practitioner sent me for a CA125 and MRI (am awaiting results). When I spoke to her today I expressed my concern that a complex cyst should be removed to determine if it was malignant or benign. She told me everything I read on the internet is WRONG and a complex cyst does not have to be removed. What causes a cyst to go from hemorrhagic to complex? If you don't feel it is cancer, then why the CA125 or MRI? I am thoroughly confused. Can anyone explain it to me so that I understand it? My grandmother's two sisters died of ovarian cancer, but NP tells me that is of no concern for me. Ugh.

02-23-2011, 10:33 PM
Hi Lois,

I'm sorry to hear about all this happening to you. I don't really have any answers, other than both my daughter and I had/have cyst problems on our ovaries. Ours usually ruptured, but caused no real issues. Ultrasounds were the most I've had, then eventually had everything yanked. No ovaries? No problems.

I don't know about the complex cyst issue. A CA125 is rather strange, but maybe they are covering their butts and making sure all areas are accounted for. Have you had or been recommended to take the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation test for breast/ovarian cancer?

May I suggest a second opinion if you are at all concerned over the direction they are heading? Despite her comment about no concern over ovarian cancer due to your grandmothers, it seems as if they are taking the appropriate steps toward a clear diagnosis for you.

Maybe the familial connection to ovarian cancer is distant enough in your case to keep your levels at what any normal woman would be.

Hopefully someone will stop in and help you with the pertinent question regarding the change in cyst type. We're here to support you.

God bless and keep us posted with your MRI results. (Pssst.... doctors dislike the internet. LOL We come in with too many questions and it seems to drive some of them crazy!)


02-25-2011, 05:03 AM
Loislane-hi from what I know (very little) the reason all the testing is to determine the type of cyst a hemmorphagic cyst is common and it usually occurs in reproductive years around a menstrual cycle-they are sac like fluid filled cysts on the sides of the ovaries, can cause moderate to severe pain moderate when they are up a filled but then subside when they go down-some have a tendency to burst which causes the more severe pain. they usually are not cancerous.
The complex cysts may have the sac filled fluid/could also be a solid mass(which they then consider a tumor). Its not necessarily cancerous but is more prone to becomming cancerous-does not need to be removed unless cancer is suspected. should be watched. hope this helps a bit . keep us posted