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04-17-2011, 01:18 PM
Hi there,

I just want someone's opinion or for anyone to share their experiences with me about their thyroid cancer diagnosis.

I'll start from the very beginning.... I went to a dermatologist nearly a year ago now about a couple of moles, in the routine check he found a lump on my thyroid and referred me back to my GP. They referred me back to the hospital to see the ENT specialists, I've had an ultrasound which confirmed the lump was there and measured 2.4cm, I was then referred for a FNA which I was told came back fine and then the next day the doctor rang me to say the results actually had some hurthle cells in it, which he didn't say were cancerous but had the chance to turn cancerous. Two months later I saw his colleague about the actual test results and he was concerned that it had grown to 2.7cm and due to my age, 25 as well as the fact its grown and is a singular nodule rather than a cluster of smaller ones, it has caused him concern enough to perform a lobectomy.

All blood tests have confirmed my hormone levels are normal and the only family history I have is that my mum has an underactive thyroid. I'm currently awaiting a further test result to see if my thyroid is inflamed.

My main concern is that the doctor said it was near impossible to confirm that it's cancer without removing it and looking at it in the lab but every forum post I read seems to say the opposite and that it's confirmed as cancer and then removed.

He said it could be one of three types of nodule: benign, cancerous or something that can change and affect my hormone levels but he went into a bit more detail about the further operations/radioactive iodine therapy etc if it was cancer.

I just feel like I should be fearing the worse case scenario but that I'm slightly overacting because it could be nothing. But as usual I can't seem to find anything online about benign nodules that seems to match my symptoms/results etc.

Has anyone had a similar nodule? Or a similar trip through their diagnosis?

Just feeling a bit lost at the moment! :?

Thanks x

04-17-2011, 04:28 PM
Hi Kp,

I'm sorry for all your troubles right now. I don't know much about thyroid cancer, but remember my sister in law having some of hers removed due to a growth. Seems to me they didn't know beforehand whether it was malignant or not. She's healed fine and voice is great.

If it should turn out to be malignant, thyroid cancer is one of the easiest cancers to treat. I know you shouldn't have to worry about that at 25 and I'm sorry.

Hopefully someone will drop in that knows more about the thyroid than I do.

God bless,

04-17-2011, 09:34 PM
Hi kp13

Don't panic as there is no need. RE the operation if the doctor has to go in for a sample, then it makes sense to remove the tumour, even if it is benign. Once this has been done it is likely you will never suffer from this again. Thyroid cancer is treated mainly by surgery anyway and very successfully, so even if it is cancer, you should be OK. A good friend of mine had this operation when he was 23, it was cancer and it was successfully removed. he kept half of his thyroid so he never needed thyroxine and He is now 54 and has had no issues at all since the OP.

Good luck and keep us posted if you can.