View Full Version : Mom on Hospice - How long can this go on?

06-03-2011, 04:49 PM
I have spent so much time researching Ovarian Cancer and have what feels like no answers.
She was dx 2006 - Treatment was initiated and she endured 2 surgeries. She declined continued treatment and was placed on Hospice - she FAILED hospice and was told she was in remission.
2010 the cancer returned - treatment initiated again, no surgery. Her cancer has been systemic for sometime - All lymph nodes involved, mets to her spine ( bones ) and in December (2010) she was told that she had mets to her Brain with 4 lesions found. Mom had Cyber knife.
April 2011 she was told that treatment was no longer an option. She has diffuse mets along her thoracic spine, and another lesion was found in her brain.

She requested Hospice on May 20th due to her pain from the mets in her spine. Since the day Hospice started she has increased in confusion, decreased level of alertness, and severely decreased insight to her defects, as well as huge anxiety - restlessness hallucinations.

How long can this go on? I keep her medicated with Methadone 3xs daily, Dexamethasone 2xs daily, as well as Haldol and Atavan frequently. Her fear is pain and nausea, and has historically battled with anxiety.

I need to know how long this can go on? I hate this for her. i hate this for me.

I am home taking care of her, b

06-08-2011, 06:55 AM

I'm so sorry to hear that your Mom is now on Hospice. She certainly had a long and amazing journey with this vicious disease.

I know you are trying to keep her comfortable and anxiety free, but did hospice add significant medication to her regimen? This is the second time I'm seeing a correlation between hospice and the symptoms you are describing in the last couple of days here.

She may be over-medicated. Call hospice out so they can evaluate her and maybe tweak her medication. She's on an awful lot of strong medications.

It will go on until God determines it is her time. My mother, who passed from Ovarian cancer, lived for a month after the last time she was released from the hospital. She had lost most of her small intestine from radiation burning it up and was on a machine that pumped her stomach out via a tube down her throat. She clung to life, but was fairly coherent. She did have hallucinations as the pain became worse and they upped her morphine.

Please keep us posted and I hope things begin to go smoother for your Mom.

God bless,