View Full Version : Anyone had carcinoid syndrome???

01-25-2012, 05:04 AM
Hi,I am a 39 female and Was wondering how often the flushing episodes happen, and if my symptoms are similar to yours....I am currently being tested for carcinoid cancer. I have had 4 episodes in the last 4 months were it starts as what seem like its going to be a stomach ache and diarrhea..Well about the time I get to the bathroom, I get this strange feeling in my chest which quickly developes into am extremely rapid pounding heart rate, and it literally feels as though my carotid arteries may burst. Along with this I get very hot(dry), and my face, neck, and upper body including hands turn bright red, even my eyes go very blood shot. Each of the 4 episodes has increased in severity a little, and with the one last week, I had numbness and tingling in my hands and mouth/tongue area. Then I have very bad stomach cramping and diarrhea.

The episode last week, went just as described then I had almost 24 hrs of bad stomach cramping and rectal bleeding, so they did a scope and found a huge area of circumfirential ulceration and narrowing, those biopies basically just led to a non-specific colitis. I have a very strong family hx of colon cancer grandmother died at age 35, and mother had stage IV diagnosed at age 62.

My Dr;s 1st thought with the flushing episodes was carcinoid syndrome which I havent gotten the test results back for yet. STarted with the 5-HIAA 24 hr urine test..and I of course have to be re-scoped in 6 weeks to follow-up on ulcerations, and see if they can make it on through colon, only went to 50cm. had a SED rate done which was high as expected with colitis...thinks I maybe have crohns and also ran test for that. I have had bowel issues for years...constipation/diarrhea and abd pain...and just put it off as no big deal.

Any input is appreciated