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02-21-2006, 03:48 AM
I'm not a doctor nor do I even have a college education. But I do have faith in some certain cancer treatments that no one is talking about. Maybe I'm a quack or maybe I'm Right. This is my check list


Check saliva and urine ph, buy some test strips, find them on ebay.
Drinking Organic Cider Viniger ( With the mother ) changed ph from 5.5 to 7.0 in 3 days. Cancer does not like a good ph of 7.0.

Think about it ( What happens to pool water when the ph is not correct)
Now think about what can happen in the human body!!!

PH is a Major key in Cancer Treatment!!!


Fact: Ozone and 0xygen kill Cancer Cells.

I made my own ozone machine very inexpensively from parts I found at the junk yard....

When I get bronchitis, I Intentionally stand in front of the ozone machine and breath it in deeply, until the lungs start to feel unconfortable.
Why? Glad you asked - OZONE Kills Cancer on contact. Also it just so happen to kill bad bacteria and virus also.... Ta Da. Bronchitus gone in a couple days...

Yes I am crazy but bronchitus free fast

3. Ojibway Indian Tea Remedy


I went on the tea to do a detox. Amazing things happened to my body while I was on it, I lost weight, I Felt great, I had Dime sized tumors like things come out of my legs.
Check the link above, good stuff
I guess what I really want to say here is how much since is it to put
TOXIC DRUGS in you Body hoping to get rid of cancer. I may not be smart but I'm certainly not that stupid......

Then to radiated my body parts... WHAT! Again I'm certainly not that stupid.

Backward medicine, I'm moving foward
Blind are leading the Blind.
LOOK HARDER! Think out of your shell.

02-21-2006, 05:58 PM
sderps, do you have or have you ever had cancer? Has one of your loved ones had cancer? I am not questioning your recommendations. I am questioning your ability to make the decision not to take chemo or radiation if you have never faced that decision.

02-22-2006, 09:09 PM
Your right, I don't have cancer, at least I don't think so ""right now"", but with my current health condition and my wifes health, I'm actively searching for information, I do tell you I will never choose chemo or radiation simply because it's backwards to me. "Meaning seems harmful" I will go natural or die trying. Subject end,

It's funny the day after I posted this, I went to the recycling center and found this book.. THE PH MIRACLE FOR WEIGHT LOSS Balance you body chemistry, Archieve you ideal weight Author Robert O. Young PHD
This book is truely amazing, it shows you pictures of Human Red Blood Cells from a specific acidic person ( All deformed and messed up) Then it shows a pictures of the same persons Human Red Blood Cells when they became Alkline ( Normal Perfectly Round and Beautiful). The pictures say it all. Which one would you perfer.

The bottom line in this book is show people how to transform there body by the food they eat.

You know, To me, It's really sad that professionals whom are trying so hard to save peoples lifes are missing such a huge simple thing (( PH )) to help their patiences.

I checked my ph after reading the first 30 pages of the book and low and behold my urine was 5.5 and my saliva was 5.0. "Now wonder, I've been so sick lately" I forgot to practice what I've preached. I proceded to drink about 3 cups of water with about 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Yuck!! Very gross, but the next morning to my amazment my urine was 7.2.... WoW!!

I have great hope for the future of Fighting Cancer. I think I'm stupid compared to many people, however I can not understand why such smart people in the medical profession are missing such elementary basic chemistry that even a stupid person (ME) can understand.

I know why and I'm gonna say it, Ready!! $

Plus, eating healthy is so expensive that most americans are doomed to cancer and every other medical condition. You notice that all the cheap food in the supermarket is junk food..... every isle is full of bad food....

However generic baking soda will cost you 50 cents and has the potential of saving your life. Maybe?

The body is a human fish bowl, put your fish in a 5.5 ph water and see how long they live, watch the tomors grow.......

Are bodys are 70 percent water, if the ph is bad then we are too going to get sick and die....

Blahhhh Blahhhhh Blahhh

Only words, here, I Think out of the box.

I'm not afraid of death as I'm planning on meeting Jesus there..

I will be quite from now on, I promise!!!, Reading the forum is more my interest,

God Bless

02-22-2006, 09:22 PM
One last thing!!

Yes- My wifes mother died of cancer very young, Any I'm very worried for my wifes as she is sick all the time. Her ph is very low we are having a very difficult time getting her ph to a healthly level.
That all