View Full Version : suspicious breast symptoms; swollen duct, bleeding from nipple during mammo

01-14-2014, 02:59 AM
my sister (51) has been going for tests since dec 21; symptoms are swollen, tender left breast, swollen duct (seen on ultrasound); bleeding from nipple during mammogram; no mass detected,

MRI with contrast last week showed up suspicious (unfortunately I didn't write down his words; am awaiting the hard copy) ... doctor mentioned possible DCIS but when I looked that up it said no symptoms; we've been hoping for a papilloma ... next will be an MRI guided core sample ...

I'm unfamiliar with MRI with contrast - is it like PET where you should get a pretty strong positive or negative? anyone with like symptoms that can shed light on your or her situation? and/or any other known benign type conditions this could be?

(signature below re my mom, who passed in august from lung cancer) ...

01-14-2014, 10:33 PM
So sorry your sister is having some issues on the heals of loosing your mom not too long ago.

Your post caught my attention as I had followed your mom's journey with lung cancer.

I apologize i can not add any comments relating to your questions, just wanted you to know i am thinking of you and hope for a good outcome with your sister.