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10-14-2006, 06:13 AM
hey everyone!

im looking for some help and/or reasurance....

I was diagnosed with leukemia back in march this year, nearly 8 months ago! after suffering with it for 4 years beforehand.

recently after recieving 3 high dose-chemo's, im being told that the leukemic (SP?) cells are still spreading. the cancer is now i my lymph glands, and also in my right ankle. My oncologist said, that therewould be no cure now, but that it is possible to keep the condition 'stable' for up to 2 years.

so basicially hes told us that this is terminal, after nearly 5 years of fighting this. im so angry. im 16, and i planned to do great things with my life.....and now im being told there is no chance of curing this beast...

Please help me.... :cry: :cry:

10-17-2006, 08:00 AM
hey...i dont know if you are religious or not...but it doesnt matter. miracles happen everyday. so many people have died suddenly after being told they have years of life left, and so so many people have lived years beyond
their doctor's prognosis. i know this may sound a bit corny - but trust in it. im 21 and i dont know if i have cancer yet or not. ive been sick for so long and my family thought i was just being over dramatic and looking for attention. but now ive become really sick and im in so much pain so i had tons of blood/lab work done, came up negative for everything i was hoping it would be - like mono, thyroid problems, lyme disease even lupus! but nothing. leaving one looming suspect : cancer. today, in a few hours actually, im going in to get xrays on my chest done, ultra sounds on my neck and around my spine and to end the day, get a biopsy on the swollen lymph nodes. so i know im not on the same boat as you - but im scared and wondering whats going to come about. my life is going to drastically change. anyways, im sorry to ramble. i just read your post and saw that you were opening up a bit - so i started to...and i always get carried away. :) well i hope you are doing better...halloween is coming up soon so thats something to look forward to! especially for me...halloween is my birthday!

take care for now. Good night.

11-03-2006, 07:25 PM
Why can't you get a bone marrow transplant?

have you been to the bigger centers?

i can tell you more, as my father has suffered from it...

s6kinase at gmail.com