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01-02-2005, 09:08 PM
Hi everyone and happy new year. I go for my 4th A/C dose dense chemo treatment tomorrow and I still have my hair. I started chemo on Nov. 22nd and have already had 3 treatments. My hair started to break off some a few weeks back and my husband gave a buzz cut. I still had a full head of hair but it was cut very short. Now, it is actually starting to grow. I asked the nurse practitioner at the onc. office about it and she had no explaination. She rubbed my scalped and said something about very strong hair follicles. Does anyone thing there is a correlation between not losing hair and chemo not working? I'm trying to not sound paranoid but everyone has said I would lose my hair within 5 to 21 days post 1st chemo and I am well beyound that. Anyone else not lose their hair on A/C?
On the plus side, I will be half way done with chemo after tomorrow, which I appreicate as I am having a hard time with nausea and fatigue.
Thanks for any input,

01-02-2005, 10:54 PM
Hi Jan,
I had 6 rounds of FEC and where most lose their hair around the 14th day, I still had mine after the 4th treatment. The nurses got out the brochures, or whatever they are called and there was a very small % that didn't lose their hair. My hair was thick and they thought I might actually not lose it............well, about 2 weeks after my 3rd round (I had FEC every 3 weeks) I went to brush my hair and it was definately coming out. I had a few stray strands when it was all over, but definately had alot more scalp showing then anything else. If your hair is thick, that may be why yours hasn't come out yet. I was dx 2/14/02 so I'm coming up on 3 years and NED so don't think that the chemo isn't working. I've heard a few were like us and late losers, but we did lose it before it was all over. I don't think you still having your hair has anything to do with chemo not working, it's doing what it's suppose to and don't be surprised if in the next couple of weeks you start getting brush fulls of hair.

01-02-2005, 11:07 PM
Hi Jan,

Congrats on being half way done with your chemo tomorrow! It's not too early to start planning that post-chemo celebration party now. LOL

I did A/C every three weeks and I think that's a little different than dose dense as far as losing your hair. I'm not sure but I think I've heard ladies say that it is a slower process (to lose your hair) on dose dense. As Nancy said, I'm sure it's working, especially if you are having nausea and fatigue. I had lots of nausea on A/C. More than one night I had "the bucket" next to the bed at night. I thought I might not make it to the bathroom, but lucky me...I did make it to the bathroom. Tell your doctor and maybe he'll suggest a different anti-nausea drug.

Good luck. We are all here pulling for you if you need us.