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02-13-2007, 02:30 AM

I'm 23yrs old and discovered what seems to be lymph nodes on my neck area about 8years ago. I have one lymh node on my left side by the end of the jaw bone where the neck starts, its about 2.3cm big. On my right hand side at the same position its also about 2cm big. The left one however is a big higher in size (would say about 1cm). The I have one each side of my neck (in the middle of the neck, each side). The one on the left is about 0.7cm long and 2mm high and on the right side its about 1cm long and 2mm high as well. When I discovered those lymph nodes I was about 15yrs old, my mother then said, I had them way before I noticed them myself, she talked about that those were possibly there already as a child as my child doctor had talked about that I got big lymph nodes, if thats the case really then I would imagine I had them all my life, but when I asked her yesterday (8yrs later), she said she can't remember exactly what lymph nodes the doctor pointed out when I was a child. So all in all I can say, I know they were there when I discovered them about 8yrs ago, a close person of mine died of cancer and I started feeling my body for lumps etc,, thats when I had found them, might just appeared then or had been there before hand all the time. I went to the doctor, he checked them and said there is no concern, they are just bigger on the left then on the right and its normal.

They have not grown at all, I remember I had measured their sizes back when I discovered them and when I do so now, nothing has changed. The ones at the end of the jaw bone are not really hard but also not soft. I read about lymph nodes being hard is a bad sign, yet I don't know what is considered to be a hard lymphnode. Do they have to be squeezable and as soft as a tongue in order to be considered soft because they aren as soft as this, the ones on the side of the neck are quite squeezable, I can feel it by pressing down, the ones on the jaw bone end however are more hard, yet not as hard as a bone or wood etc..

The two are by the jawbone end are not fixed, however the same problem as with the hardness, I don't know what is considered a fixed or moveable lymph node, if the lymph node can be moved freely about 2inches like a ball then no, they are not moveable, if however the lymph nodes can be moved a bit side to side as well as shift up when I press on the side, then yes they are moveable.

Well here comes my problem, I got a small lump behind my ear about 1 week ago, grew quickly, is not really big, I would say about 5mm, it also is not hard and painful a bit. I'm pretty sure its due to my earrings, ever since I bought new headphones, they keep pressing the back of the earrings onto exactly that spot which swell up, so I assume its related to that somehow. However, looking around the internet I found quite a few posts about lumps behind the ears aswell as on the neck etc.. and people kept talking about being diagnosed with lymphoma etc..so yes I'm quite freaked out, especially as a few people had said, they develope over years and don't need to grow in order to be dangerous. Now I don't have any of the typical symptoms, I read about weight loss, night sweat, fever, skin rash. I gained about 10kg within the last 6months, so weight loss is definitnly out of question, I'm quite a hot person in general, e.g. I feel warm most of the time when my girlfriend for exmaple thinks its cold. But as I remember, I was the only kid when I was about 5yrs old, that ran around the soccer field in the snow playing soccer all day long in a tshirt n shorts, never got sick or felt cold as I recall.

When I go to bed, I mostly don't put the covers up all the way otherwise I feel hot, not sweaty but just hot. But I have been like that since years, cant actually remember when I slept with covers on properly, like I can just walk in a tshirt around the house and not really freeze while other people need a hoody n jacket just to feel warm. Now I read about a skin rash and well to freak me out even more, I have a skin rash on my leg since approx 1month, its like 15cm long, not continuesly tho, more like smaller parts together with a bit of "normal" skin in between. Its a tan-colour and was red and itchy at first, but its getting paler by the day and hasn't itched since like 2 weeks. I might would add that it started when I bought a new pair of pants and they had a price sticker inside of it at that part where the rash started first, it kept rubbing on my leg, the price sticker turned more loose and started to stick on my leg a few times giving me a few quick pains as the sticker sticked on the leg hair. Sounds dumb maybe, but I didnt bother pulling it out until I wore the pants 3 days or so. So I had thought it might be related to this sticker, either all these things are just co-incidens or whatever, I'm honestly freaked out, don't want to really visit a doctor. I also would like to add that I hardly get sick, at max once a year for about 1 week, but I never take any medicine at all, I just recover myself. Also if my girlfriend of family members around me are sick and got a cold, if I seem to have gotten infected by them, I just get a runny nose for 1 day and thats its, Im back to normal while they seem to laying down in bed with fever and all. Never been seriously sick before (apart from mumps once).

So I would like to get some opinions first. Would you recommend that I visit a doctor asap? am I just reading to many internet forums about diseases and freak myself out for nothing? Do the lymph nodes really stay the same for at least 8yrs or longer even if it is cancer? It might sound stupid, but I have sleepless nights same as 8yrs ago, when I looked up for infos about the lump behind the ear, I'm so freaked out. I apologize for this long post, but still hope somebody could give me a reply, even if its a short one.

Thank you all so much


02-15-2007, 05:03 PM
Hi, Mark:
I think the best thing for you to do would be to go to the doctor. I know this may seem a difficult move, especially since you've been reading online forums with folks sharing their ailments and symptoms. However, knowing if there is something more serious going on or not might give you peace of mind. At the very least, the cost of an office visit is worth your health. Have you been to the doctor within the last six months, and if so, have you discussed your concerns with her/him?
I knew I was not well for a long time before I was officially diagnosed correctly. If your mind is telling you there might be something amiss with your body, have it checked out. Best of luck and keep me posted.

02-21-2007, 07:22 AM
Going to the doctor is your best bet. I was diagnosed three months ago and believe me, the two weeks before I heard the news was HORRIBLE. I have never been so frightened in my entire life. It takes a lot of courage to get checked out, but it is worth it, I promise you that.