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yao wang
07-12-2007, 11:20 AM
"Dr. James Watson won a Nobel Prize for determining the shape of DNA. During the 1970's, he served two years on the National Cancer Advisory Board. In 1975, he was asked about the National Cancer Program. He declared, 'It's a bunch of shit.'"In 1953, a United States Senate Investigation reported that a conspiracy existed to suppress effective cancer treatments. The Senator in charge of the investigation conveniently died. The investigation was halted. It was neither the first nor the last of a number of strange deaths involving people in positions to do damage to those running the nation's cancer program."In 1964, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spent millions of dollars to stop an alternative cancer treatment which had cured hundreds, if not thousands, of cancer patients according to documented records. It was later disclosed that the FDA had falsified the testimony of witnesses. The FDA lost the court case because the jury found the defendants innocent and recommended that the substance be objectively evaluated. It never was. Instead, it was totally suppressed."In the early 1960's, two New York City doctors, one associated with the leading cancer center in America and the other the medical director of a Brooklyn hospital, decided to inject live cancer cells into 22 unknowing patients. When they were discovered, Dr. Chester M. Southam of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Dr. E.E. Mandel of the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital of Brooklyn were put on "probation" for a year. The three physicians who "blew the whistle" on Dr. Southam and Dr. Mandel were dismissed."For many years, the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) coordinated their "hit" lists of innovative cancer reseachers who were to be ostracized. One investigative reporter declared the AMA and ACS "for a network of vigilantes prepared to pounce on anyone who promotes a cancer therapy that runs against their substantial prejudices and profits.""In the late 1950's, it was learned that Dr. Henry Welch, head of the FDA's Division of Antibiotics, had secretly received $287,000 from the drug companies he was supposed to regulate. In 1975, an independent government evaluation of the FDA still found massive "conflicts of interest" among the agency's top personnel."In 1977, an investigative team from the prominent Long Island newspaper Newsday found serious "conflicts of interest" at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). In 1986, an organized cover-up of an effective alternative cancer therapy, orchestrated by NCI officials, was revealed during Congressional hearings.
"These examples are only the tip of a huge iceberg. The cancer establishment now has a 50-year history of vast corruption, incompetence and organized suppression of cancer therapies which actually work. Millions of people have suffered terrible torture and death because those in charge took payoffs, played it safe, had closed minds to the innovative, or simply were afraid to do what was obviously and morally right..."The doctor's union (AMA), the cancer bureaucracy (NCI), the public relations fatcats (ACS) and the cancer cops (FDA) are conspiring to suppress a cure for cancer.... It would be easy for any Congressional committee, major newspaper, television network or national magazine to confirm and extend the evidence presented here in order to initiate radical reform of the critical cancer areas--the hospitals, the research centers, the government agencies, and especially state and local legislation regarding cancer treatment."But that will not happen without a struggle. Neither Congress nor the media desire to lift the manhole cover on this sewer of corruption and needless torture. Only organized, determined citizen opposition to the existing cancer treatment system has any hope of bringing about the long-needed changes. I expect the struggle to be a long, difficult one against tough, murderous opposition. The odds against success are heavy. The vested interests are very powerful.... "
Barry LynesTaken from the introduction toThe Healing of Cancer, The Cures-The Cover-ups and the Solution Now!
The mountain of evidence to support the collusive activities of Western governments, most particularly the United States, along with other prominent members of the Medical Industrial Complex, is beyond voluminous.Nonetheless, it is beyond the scope of this Web site to present all the supporting facts. Instead, we have opted to present our case -- (some of which may seem tangential to "cancerolytic herbs," but virtually all of it provides the explanatory underpinnings as to why so many effective botanically-derived formulas have been suppressed) -- through the following excellent books. Below you will find pictures of their covers, along with links of cover enlargements and order pages on amazon.com. On page two we provide a brief summary that more directly addresses the suppression of cancerolytic ("cancer-killing") herbal preparations. Again, most of these titles are available from amazon.com -- still, if you have any trouble, call the Cancer Book House, a division of the Cancer Control Society, 2043 N. Berendo, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Their phone number is: (213) 663-7801. Article by http://health.centreforce.com/

Vee Smith
07-13-2007, 01:17 PM
Do I detect a small aroma of paranoia?

07-13-2007, 04:51 PM

Can you post the above posting using grammar, and supporting information?

07-13-2007, 05:08 PM
Hi Yao, I rarely get involved in arguments, especially on this forum even though I rarely find anything that I find useful. However, I must echo discoclub's request for supporting information. It is easy to say that Dr. James Watson said that the state of cancer research is "[email protected]$#"! It is another thing to document where, when, and in what context he may have made that comment... to say nothing of his qualification to make that assessment's even if he is a Nobel prize winner.

So, for a healthy discussion could you add your primary sources? And could you divide your posts into bite size posts so that they are not so hard to understand and make comments about? Again, it would be easy to review your documentation of what Dr. Watson said if it were a post in and of itself. However, with all the other claims you make, it is impossible to have a healthy discussion about each claim.

I want you to know that this is not an attack. My interest is on helping the members of this forum to have a place for healthy and informed discussions about all issues relating to cancer.

07-15-2007, 11:40 AM
what you have posted here is a bit of a direct attack on western medications and stuff... but i heard that it is a big "money business". I almost want to agree with you.

07-15-2007, 03:44 PM
I agree that western medicine is "big money"!! And manybe there is something better. I just want people who make claims on the forum to provide some scientific evedince and not just their personal openions. I gave an example in an earlier post: does the fact that Dr. James Watson won the Nobel Prize give him any credibility on judging the state of cancer research? How involved is he in this filed? For all I know, that quote could be taken totally out of context. On the otherhand, for all I know, all of his research is in this area.

And let us not forget that alternative medicen is "big money" as well. Maybe not as big, but I do not see anyone giving it away.

07-16-2007, 06:34 AM
Yeah...totally agreed. Sometimes its hard to decide which is what. Its almost like a rat race.
I would like to quete here someting that i've read from a book:"Which is more important, fact or opinion... none. Knowing the difference between the two, that's what matters. It is not essentially smart to have many facts or opinions, but having one is better."
Makes sense to me.