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10-12-2008, 04:56 PM
Please Don't say the words Good-Bye

The words don't come easy
There are no words that can say
How much you mean to me
Each and every day
You are always on mind
With each and every thought.

When I am in my kitchen
I can hear you say
A pinch more of this
And a palm full of that
Not to much now,
Or it won't come out right.

I don't fix a meal
Without hearing you say
Add this for zing
Add that for zap.

I can see your tiny hands
Working the dough
Now you rise up nice
The kids are coming
For Sunday dinner tonight
Don't you know.

Life is like a recipe
All the ingredients
Must be right.
A little pinch for this,
Two finger tips worth, not three
And little palm full for that.

I wish life's trials
That deal a hard blow
Like a cake that didn't behave right.
Just throw the sucker out
And then clean the bowl.

Feel the sunshine on your face
Feel the cold winds blow
Drink tea in good china cup
Tastes the best that way
Don't you know.

I wish I could bare this cross
For you
But its not mine to bare.
Life deals us blows
That sometimes aren't fair.

God will call you home someday
As he will for us all
And when he does
You will have a crown to wear
There will be no more crosses
For you to bare.

Please don't say the words
For you cannot say good-bye
When you live in my heart
You will be there always
Even if we are far apart.

Remember always
Grammy's Tish loves you
More then words can say
When God calls you home
It will be a sorrowful
And peaceful day.

All your pain will be gone
And you can rest
Please don't worry about us
We will get through it
Thinking of you and wishing you
A peaceful rest.

I love you grammy

10-13-2008, 06:28 AM
Tish, what a beautiful and love filled poem :)

06-02-2009, 12:39 PM
it's nice... now try to click my signature below ... i want to share that to you