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07-02-2009, 12:50 PM
I dont even know where to start, i supose i should from the begining
i apolgise for any grammer or spelling errors in advance... I'll make it somewhat read able

well just short of 2 months ago i met a girl online, we fell in love, shes from america and 24 years old, im fron england and im 23 yers old, (infact ill try and keep this short and to the point but if you have any questions about anything ill do my best to answer them)
she has recently maybe 2 week ago found out she has leukemia (she also has anemia)

its CML, and after speaking to her brother today he says its between accelerated and blast phase
she is at home which i am hoping is a good sign, im sort of desperate for hope

she had left the symptoms for sometime as she thought she was just run down, her parents didnt take well to us at all.... she was planning on moving here to finish her education in medicine, but when her parents found out about us they got nasty, her dad beat her up and closed all funsd frmo her bank as he had his name also on her account
so she was working like 12-15 hours per day trying to get enough cash to come and see/live with me, and with her been anemic thought she was just over worked

im so scared of losing her, ive done my research online about it but dont exactly know what her odds are, it difficult talking to her about it as 1 she is constantly tired and i dont want to add any more pressure on her

i just could use someone to talk to, either on here or on a 1 to 1 on a messenger or something

i live with my parents 3/7 days of the week, the rest they are at our holiday home, i havent even told them about me and her yet, as i had a previous online relationship that ended real badly an i ended up getting hurt i have told my best friend and a few people im close to , but i have to becareful as i dont feel i can trust many people, i thin thats why im here, just a complete stranger and nobody knows who i am

i know ive missed out alot of important stuff possiblly... any question like i said ask and ill do my best to reply to them

anyone wants to contact me for 1 to 1 chats (which id prefer TBH) PM me or if not feel free to post anything here, advice/support/question i just need to get it out of my system