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  1. Types of Radiation Delivery

    Modern external radiotherapy is delivered in many ways, each with advantages and disadvantages.
    • 3-Dimensional Conformal RT
      The tumor is measured in 3-dimensions and a radiation pattern is computed in software and beamed at the tumor by an X-ray emitter that circles the patient, minimizing the radiation to surrounding tissues. The beams can be shaped in real time to match the shape of the tumor in the current direction of treatment. This is an improvement over 2-D X-ray RT where

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  2. Searching for Clinical Trial Results [PubMed]

    PubMed's clinical trials search is really quite fantastic. I wish I'd known about it earlier, it would have saved me a lot of search time over using google scholar, as outlined in a previous posting.

    1) Navigate on over to the PubMed home page. Click on the "Clinical Queries" that I have highlighted below.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    2) This will bring you to the PubMed Clinical Queries page. Type in the type of cancer. As you type, suggestions will ...
  3. For Today's Patients

    Time for a little rant about cancer research.

    I would like to see more research devoted towards helping today's cancer patients.

    Not for early detection - we already got it.
    Not for prevention - we already got it.
    Not for a treatment in 10 years - we won't be here.

    For Today's Patients. The ones going through it right now. The ones whose surviving family you'll solicit for money after we're gone.

    I have two very concrete research ...

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  4. Advanced/Metastatic PDAC Phase III Trials Summary

    Update: My blog posting has an updated results table here.

    Metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma patients (PDAC) don't have a lot of good options. Here, I summarize the completed phase III trials for metastatic patients, outlining the basic survival statistics. The trial name is a link to the full-text trial results, except the NAPOLI-1 trial that hasn't fully published yet.

    The blog hosting software for this site is limiting me to 10K characters, so I am posting a full ...

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    Clinical Trials
  5. Searching for Clinical Trial Results [google scholar]

    It can be hard to find information about drugs we might want to use and how they performed in clinical trials. Google Scholar is one of my first lines of search.

    I've found that adding the search string:
    median "95% CI"

    (including the double-quotes around 95% CI) to my drug queries help limit the returned hits to useful papers. So, a search for papers containing results using the drug Abraxane might be:
    Abraxane "clinical trial" median ...

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    Clinical Trials
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