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Pre/Post Whipple Nutrition

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For nutrition, I suggest a GI oncology nutritionist at one of the major hospitals. This is a nutritionist who is familiar with blocked bile ducts, blocked pancreatic ducts, an impaired pancreas and other metastatic organs, nausea, low blood counts, low iron levels, etc. The gastrointestinal cancer patient is not functioning at 100%. In addition, several organs aren't even present (you probably have no idea how critical the duodenum can be). You need a specialist that recognizes that fact and can offer alternative foods, medications, and yes, supplements that will help the body absorb all the nutrition it can.

My fabulous dietician is Maria Petzel, at MD Anderson in the clinical nutrition staff with a specialization in GI oncology. This link lists all their staff and she is 2/3 the way down.

The important parts about her job description are the "GI oncology" and "GI surgery" parts of the dietician qualifications. I realize that you may not be able to visit Maria at MD Anderson in Houston, TX, so I'm pointing out her qualifications and description so that perhaps you can find someone nearby with the same/similar skills. If you have trouble, you might try contacting her for a recommendation of someone with the necessary skills in your area. Or at least what professional acronyms to look for. I can't recommend Maria herself highly enough!

Additionally, there is the web page for "Whipple Warriors" and their Facebook group page. Their information is a collection of personal successes and failures at dealing with post-Whipple issues. For solid information, I'd still recommend Maria Petzel first.

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