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Searching for Clinical Trial Results [google scholar]

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It can be hard to find information about drugs we might want to use and how they performed in clinical trials. Google Scholar is one of my first lines of search.

I've found that adding the search string:
median "95% CI"

(including the double-quotes around 95% CI) to my drug queries help limit the returned hits to useful papers. So, a search for papers containing results using the drug Abraxane might be:
Abraxane "clinical trial" median "95% CI"

However, Abraxane is the current (marketing) name of the drug. During its development, Abraxane went by names such as nab-Paclitaxel, Onxol, Taxol, and ABI-007. Earlier results would have used one of these names. A more comprehensive search might be:
(Abraxane OR ABI-007 OR nab-paclitaxel) AND "clinical trial" AND median AND "95% CI"

It can get quite complicated.

Lastly, you probably want to read the actual document. Many of the links found will lead to abstracts with options to pay for the documents. I've found that the library at my cancer center will retrieve these documents for me. But if you don't have that option, or don't want to wait, you can add this term to the end of your query:

Resulting in this fine search, looking for PDF's of the Abraxane clinical trial papers:
(Abraxane OR ABI-007 OR nab-paclitaxel) AND "clinical trial" AND median AND "95% CI" AND PDF

Look to the right-most column of the results for links to PDF documents.

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