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  1. Thread: My Dad.

    by ang_to_the_ela

    My Dad.

    Thomas E. Samples May 4, 1960- April 24, 2018. Almost made it to his birthday. Love you, Dad.
  2. Donating your loved ones body to science if you can't afford...

    One thing hospice didn't really know about was cheap alternatives to getting rid of my dad's body after he died. My family is very poor, and they said cremation was a round $1000. My dad died...
  3. Soon after I posted this, hospice came with a...

    Soon after I posted this, hospice came with a catheter. That was something he never wanted, but when they got there he didn't object. He died two days later. That was Tuesday. It was only a out a...
  4. Dad stage four lung cancer ALWAYS has to pee

    My dad was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer that has spread to brain, lymphs, liver, and bones a month ago, and they gave him two to four to live. He has denied radiation, because he...
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