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  1. Carbon Ion Radiation Therapy Not Available in USA

    Carbon Ion radiation therapy is available in some countries, but not the USA, according to this article.

  2. SCLC immunotherapy combined with targeted therapies in mouse study

    Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have discovered that a combination of immune checkpoint blockade and targeted therapies that block normal DNA damage repair (DDR)...
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    current trials


    This trial above is currently recruiting for NSCLC using ALT-803 and one of two immunotherapies.

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    Four possible new immune treatments


    Four possible advancements in immune therapy.
  5. Opdivo approved for Small Cell Lung Cancer USA

    FDA approves Opdivo for Small Cell Lung Cancer.

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    NCCN guidelines for NSCLC


    Link above is NCCN guidelines report 2018.
  7. New dual therapy considered with TNF inhibitor

    With fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy, the new treatment is set to move into a phase 2 human clinical trial within 12 months.

    Much recent work has been done to reveal the role of...
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    Reporting in the Journal of Clinical...

    Reporting in the Journal of Clinical Investigation Insights, a team led by senior author Andrea Facciabene, PhD, a research assistant professor of Radiation Oncology and Obstetrics/Gynecology, found...
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    Gut bacteria may affect pancreatic cancer


    Gut bacteria may affect pancreatic cancer.

    Specifically, the study found that removing bacteria from the gut and pancreas by...
  10. Imfinzi approved Stage 3 unresectable NSCLC USA

    Feb. 16, 2018
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Imfinzi (durvalumab) for the treatment of patients with stage III non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) whose tumors are not able to...
  11. Immune stimulating injection helps in mice

    Injection into solid tumors helps tumor and distant mets in mice.
  12. Molecules work on circadian cycle to fight cancer in mice


    Scientist use molecules that affect body's 24 hour clock to fight cancers in mice.
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    BB2121 CAR-T therapy for multiple myeloma


    Blue Bird Bio Inc. BB-2121 has good results vs. multiple myeloma in trial
  14. NAC an Over The Counter supplement being studied

    NAC an OTC supplement and cold medicine being studied for effect on cancer.
  15. Early results of Tecentriq combination trial

    Combination may have slowed progression of an advanced form of NSCLC.

    "With lung cancer easily the largest oncology market, Roche’s trial of Tecentriq, Avastin and chemotherapy has been closely...
  16. Alecensa approved for frontline ALK+ NSCLC USA

    Alecensa approved by FDA for frontline ALK+ NSCLC

  17. Diet changes ER- to ER+ breast cancer cells in mice

    Green tea and sulforaphane in diet change ER negative to more treatable ER positive breast cancer cells in a mouse study.

  18. Anti-inflammatory drug may lower risk of lung cancer

    New heart drug canakinumab may lower risk of lung cancer in trial.

  19. Three highly anticipated drugs in the pipeline

    Market research firm EvaluatePharma evaluated all of the experimental cancer drugs in late-stage development. The firm ranked these drugs by projected worldwide sales five years from now -- assuming...
  20. Two pronged approach to blood cancers in Phase 1 for AML

    A new antibody has been developed that targets blood cancer in two ways, by killing the cancer cells directly and by pushing them out of the fostering bone marrow environment into outer bloodstreams...
  21. Sticky: Roches's Alecensa beats Xalkori for ALK patients...

    Roches's Alecensa beats Xalkori for ALK patients in head to head trial.

  22. Alecensa beats Xalkori for ALK lung cancer

    Roche's Alecensa likely to replace Xalkori because of improved effectiveness.
    Novartisí Zykadia also may improve on Xalkori.
  23. Immunotherapy checkpoint combination trials growing rapidly

    Over the last few months it hasnít been unusual to see new combination studies being announced on a daily basis, matching one of the 5 approved PD-(L)1 checkpoint drugs with another cancer therapy....
  24. Keytruda plus epacadostat from Incyte

    A combination of the Merck & Co immunotherapy Keytruda and a different type of drug that also helps the immune system fight cancer from Incyte Corp led to a high rate of durable responses in a small,...
  25. Durvalumab / Imfinzi

    Phase 3 trials showed durvalumab, under the brand name Imfinzi, significantly reduced the risk of disease worsening or death among patients with stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer who had not...
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