Hi. My Mum had a brochoscopy last week. The doctor was able to clear the stringy mucus in one lung but not the other (too thick and sticky) and so has given her Prednisone steroids and Mucodyne to take for six weeks before another xray. Her cough is as bad as ever and she has only been particularly "productive" once. At 80 with a heart complaint, I'm getting very concerned with the effort and distress that coughing gives her. How long should it take for the two drugs to start bringing a bit of relief? She started them on Friday and today is the following Wednesday. Any useful tips? She's tried steaming but got fed up and dispirited. Also, she had CT scans prior to the 'scopy but the xray in 6 weeks is not just to check the mucus situation but also to see if there is a tumour hiding behind all the yuk - would it not have shown on the CT scan? Thanks