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Thread: Tamoxifen alternatives

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    Tamoxifen alternatives

    I'm new to this. Have had recent surgery for removal of a Gr 2 hormone dependent (estrogen and progesterone) BC and tamoxifen has been recommended. I'm not all that keen on it given its side effects and potential long term side effects. Does anyone know of natural alternatives or good websites to check out regarding alternatives?

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    Hi CC,
    If you are post menopausal, you can ask your onco about Arimidex. Everything we take, including tylenol have side affects listed. I had a 3% cance of getting leukemia from one of the chemo's I took, but that 3% chance vs. basically 100% chance the cancer was come back, wasn't a hard decision to make.
    I'd talk to your onco about your fears and go from there. A lot of the natural remedies also have side affects and what they are made from (the ones I've read about that ladies have talked about) like venom from a poisonous snake, mistletoe extract, which is nothing put poison etc.
    Good luck
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    I've had no side effects from Tamoxifen, other than mild hot flashes a few times a day which truly are no big deal. And frankly, at 51, I was going to get them sooner or later anyway.

    I am afraid of a recurrence. Tamoxifen seems to be the way to go.

    Please, do not be terrified by all the scare stories of side effects. Many of us do just fine on it.

    As to the menopausal side effects, Dr. Susan Love has an audio webcast "Not your mother's menopause" which is extremely informative. Go to her website and look around for it. She discusses what to do for really bad hot flashes, etc.
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