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Thread: Need help: Persistent itching, possible chemo side effect?

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    I know this is an OLD thread, but Thank You to Everyone

    Quote Originally Posted by joepet View Post
    Ah, Vincera. One of the saddest things about being a regular here is when people disappear, and you never know how they're getting along.
    I've read over all the posts and have a few things in mind to try. I've completed 8 cycles of chemo. 4 weeks after when I started growing hair back, I developed this crazy full body itch. It's weird cause it mainly seems to be more severe at night. Anyway I'm gonna try some of the suggestions. Thank you all again. God Bless

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    Hi DrcJr77 , not sure if my experience it helps or not, but will share anyway.

    When my wife was doing Radio ( so that would have to be around 4/5 weeks after finishing 6x R-CHOP ) she had a massive itching ( skin looked red as it was allergic to something ) in the full body with swollen hands/ankles etc....
    Of course we were in panic, but we did some steroid and kept the radio plan.

    Doctors suspected it was viral and after one/two weeks it dissapear never to return.

    Hope you are better.
    Nov/17 : Wife 36y diagnosed DLBC NHL in the Breast ( Stage 1AE )
    Nov/17 : Started 6 x RCHOP 21 ( finished Mar 2018 )
    Apr/18 : PET/CT early April confirmed in Complete Metabolic Response
    On to 15x Radiation ( total of 30Gys )
    May/18: Rads done
    Ago/18: 3x HDMTx completed!
    ... on to follopw ups...


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