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Thread: large lump on thigh, could it be cancer?

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    large lump on thigh, could it be cancer?

    Hi I'm 17 and I've had a large-ish lump on the top of my right thigh for a while now I've been too scared to see a doctor.
    It's about the size of my palm and is uncomfortable to touch, it really hurts if it gets banged. It's been there for a while, I've been worried about it for about a year or so but 've avoided telling anyone untill quite recently when I broke down with a friend, who's said he'll come to the docotr with me. It's grown quite large quite quickly and now I'm worried people can see it if I wear jeans or trousers of any kind.
    What should I do? It's very visible, I can't wear a bikini for fear of someone seeing it, and my leg is sometimes quite numb aroud it. Should I be worried about it?

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    You should definitely seek medical attention to establish what this is. There are many causes of lumps, not just cancer. Infection is one of them. It may be a skin disease and other things as well. The only way to figure this out (and treat) is to see your doctor.

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    Leonardo F - Webmaster Cancer Forums
    Disclaimer: this information is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice.

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    even i have a lot of small lumps in my arms and some in my legs
    even i was scared for showing it to the doctor
    but somehow gathered the courage and went to him
    he said that i had some thing which i forgot the name of but he said that there is no vcure for it and the reason for it hapeening is also not known. but most inportant it is harmless. so do go to the doctor and get it checked. there is little chance that it is cancer
    all the best

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    lump on thigh

    Hi There,
    It almost sounds to me like you could have a hernia. If that's the case, it is a very simple operation to have it corrected. Left untreated, they tend to grow and you run the risk of very serious complications. Go and see your doctor and get some peace of mind! I hope this helps.

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    listen to leo

    I would not worry to much about it with regards to cancer because solid tumors "Ussually" do not hurt. If I were a gambling man, from your description, I would bet that you have an infected pore also called a Sebaceous Cyst.
    see this link for more info

    But do see a doctor about your concerns because you need the assurity that only an MD can provide )


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