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Thread: Low Platelet count

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    Low Platelet count

    Does anyone know if there are supplements available to increase platelet count which is low due to chemo? I have read to load up on vitamin C helps and Bitter Gourd. Has anyone had any luck with other supplements or any food suggestions?

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    I asked this question of my oncology team and they shook their heads. The only way to build them in their view was Neulasta.

    However, you could try Astragalus which is said to trigger the bone barrow into production. I avoid massive Vit. C - it can have an adverse response.

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    Thank you Vee, but what is the adverse effect of the Vit C? I hope nothing terrible because he has been taking C for a couple of weeks now. My husbands Oncologist just said take your multi vitamion and it will increase with time. It is not low enough to be prescribed any medication just below normal. It was 88 the last time it was checked 2 weeks ago. It needs to be normal before he can pass his physical to return to his job.

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    Sorry - I had failed to save the link so had to track it down. It is this report: http://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/200...rapy-bad-combo

    Please note, this is in relation to chemo and vit C. The vitamin as an aid to preventing possible cancer is well-documented, but once treatment starts these things can change.

    A multi-vitamin is a useful tool in that it takes longer but it does contain a balance of necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Good diet, plenty of rest plus a modicum of exercise will also help. If you search the forum for "supplements", there are some amazing lists of what people take - but we are all individuals so one man's meat is another man's poison

    This link also gives a list of possible supplementary aids. http://www.canceractive.com/page.php?n=845

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    I had low platelets several times during my Folfox treatments. I heard that licorice helps. You can get it in pill form at a health food store. Hope this helps you! And, rest and exercise!
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    I have heard- but have no first-hand experience- that sesame oil, sesame seeds and tahini paste may help.
    I would ask the doc, from what I understand there are shots available to boost the platelet count and some people even receive transfusions. Sure sounds more certain to me but if a food or supplements helps somewhat, even better.
    Perhaps I'll have better suggestions when mum starts her chemo..Good luck all, I hope something helps!

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    How did you hear about sesame oil, seeds & tahini? I've not read anything about that. I'm trying to help a friend so am busy gathering info on how he can increase his platelets. He's finishes chemo over a year ago but still is suffering.

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    I'm also looking for ideas, only my platelets lower due to the Romidepsin but not to dangerous levels. I've discussed this my oncologist and nutritionist but neither have any specific treatments. General good eating habits and multi-vitamins are all they suggest.
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