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Thread: Pain from Chemo?

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    i had terrible bone pains during chemo but mainly in my legs and feet,i remember having about 3 days where i couldnt even stand up because the bones in my feet couldnt carry my weight. was so much better after i was prescribed much stronger painkillers.

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    Hi jcondi,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing bad bone pains but you're not alone since for me I'm living with ongoing pain symptoms in both hips and knees due to years of treatments. The major downfall for me that I was on the decadron medication way too long and it unfortunately ate up my right hip and damaged parts of my left. I had my right hip replaced and both legs still continue to bother me every so frequently. The treatments left me living with osteoporosis, and Bilateral Avascular Necrosis in both hips. If I do experience pains, I either massage my legs with tiger balm, use a natural heating pad, or do squat exercises to strengthen them the best I can. Since I'm a young adult, my Orthopedic doctor said to hold off on the left leg for as long as possible until I'm much older if I choose to replace it. I buy calcium and joint supplement pills (Move Free, Tripleflex, etc) from Costco and take them every day to maintain my bones and I also get an Aredia injection that was every 3 months now 6 months to strengthen them. I use a cane for walking and can only go short distances at a slow pace or else my bones get extremely painful if I go longer. I was taking strong painkillers like vicodin, ocycodone, etc in the past but now I prefer not to since I don't wan to be addicted or rely on them for the rest of my life. It's not easy living with this problem but I try hard every day and above all remind myself to "never give up!" Hope you hang in there with your treatment!
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