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Thread: Alternative to Morhine?

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    Well, this last time I needed pain meds, I said vicodin and ibuprophin didn't do anything for me so the doc gave me an rx for Tramadol, a weak opioid that I only took once and seems to treat me OK. Maybe I am getting used to this crap.
    Dxed with Stage IB2 cervical cancer by one doctor and IVB by another in 10/11. Finished six weeks of pelvic chemorad in 12/11. Lung tumor found in 10/11 dxed as IB NSCLC in 8/12. Dec. '12 scan showed clear pelvis, no growth in lung tumor and new activity in remote lymph nodes. Is it a Stage I and a Stage IV, three Stage Is, or a cured cancer with something benign going on? Lost interest and went off the reservation after a year of unsuccessfully fighting for a good biopsy.

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    First off for the guy trying to sell cesium for pain is a scam, so disregard that. Second, If morphine is causing constipation then all opiates will cause constipation for this patient. Depending on the dose and length of time he has been taking it, that is very common. The best thing to do is manage the constipation with a stool softener. Find the right balance and that should ease the constipation.

    Hope that helps

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    Please note the date of the post you are replying to. By posting to an old thread you are bumping it up while the new threads can get lost in the shuffle. You also reported thread to miss and admins. Again, old thread.

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    I am locking thread as it is over 4 years old. Comprar, awhile back a message was sent to you asking your connection to cancer with no reply. Please provide reason for being here as we are a forum for those diagnosed, loved ones at caregivers. You can private message.



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