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Thread: Our mother Vasanthi Palanghat Odayoth is no more

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    Our mother Vasanthi Palanghat Odayoth is no more

    We live in Bangalore, India. Our mother, Vasanthi Palanghat Odayoth, Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) patient for a long time, passed away this morning ( 27th October 2009 ) at 10.45 AM Indian Standard Time.

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    Our dad, P K Damodaran Nair ( and spouse of late Vasanthi Palanghat Odayoth ) passed away this morning ( 18 May 18 ) at 5.10 AM ( at BGS global hospitals , Kengeri, Mysore road, Bangalore ). This is the same hospital where my mother too was treated for brain cancer, and passed away in a year's time. My father had oesophagus cancer and he has been on treatment for more than a year. Towards the end he had severe respiratory problems ( aspiration pneumonia ) and breathed his last this morning. We were fortunate to have such an exceptional dad and mom. ( From Subash, Sunil, Supriya ). RIP.


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