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Thread: Worried about back pain.

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    Worried about back pain.

    Im 23 going to be 24 on 11/14. I have been smoking since I was 18. Somedays rather heavily. Just Monday i started experiencing weird flashes of discomfort in my back. I read that lung cancer hurts in the shoulder blades. But this pain im feeling is in random spots and moves sometimes to my sides(kidney) area. Sometimes my spine or shoulder blades. It also can be felt in my neck or the base of my skull sometimes. The top of my shoulder (traps) feel weak and sometimes feel like I have chills. I thought maybe flu but i dont have any kind of headcold or chest congestion. Im not coughing up blood or losing my appetite or losing weight so i dont know if it's lung cancer.

    I would just like to know if this sounds familiar to anyone who has had any kind of smoking related cancer. Its been three days now and the feeling hasn't gone away.I dont have any kind of health coverage so i don't really know what to do.

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    I think it is unlikely to be cancer but if you are worried you really should see a doctor.

    It is more likely to be some kind of muscular or skeletal back problem. LINK REMOVED are always good for relieving these problems and preventing them recurring. They are mostly Yoga based and can be done by anyone no matter what their physical condition.

    And of course it has to be said give up the smokes.
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    I kinda agree with JohnPeel. Your smoking will be directly affected with your lungs or with your respiratory system and not with your back.
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    I think you probably read about referred pain. We don't have a lot of sensory nerves deep inside the body, so if something is wrong in the belly or the chest the brain sometimes misinterprets the pain as coming from somewhere else. Pain in the spleen can feel like pain in the left shoulder, pain in the liver can feel like pain in the right shoulder, etc.

    I wouldn't hazard any guess about why your back hurts. But does it seem to you maybe this is a good time to think about quitting smoking (no pressure, but the lozenges worked great for me) and making some arrangement for health insurance? Or if you can't afford insurance and can't pay for a doctor visit out-of-pocket, it's a good time to check out the alternatives -- see what sort of free or low cost/ sliding scale clinics are in your area. It would be nice if you could get it checked out.
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    Neck Injury Most Likely Etiology

    Lung cancer usually does not present this way. I have diagnoses several Pancoast tumors of the lung and they never radiate to the base of the skull. Although you are a little young for squamous cell tumors of the lung adenocarcinoma possible. In any case you should quit smoking and get a chest X-Ray paying particular attention to the upper lobes.

    Have you ever been in a motor vehicle accident? Injuries to the cervical spine often present this way. After getting your chest X-Ray look into getting an MRI of the cervical spine and a referral to a pain management specialist.

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    Smoking is the root cause of many problems. I totally agree with JohnPeel.


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