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Thread: Can LEEP have worse results??

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    Can LEEP have worse results??

    My cervical biopsy from the colposcopy came back saying that I had severe dysplasia. Tomorrow morning I go in for my LEEP and I'm curious to know if I am in the clear for cervical cancer or if it is possible for the LEEP to come back saying differently.

    When doing the LEEP, how do the doctor's know that they are removing ALL of the abnormal cells? Can they miss some... is this possible?

    For those of you that have had the LEEP done, do you think that I will be able to walk around the next day with no problems?

    Thanks ahead of time! )

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    Hi MsStevious,

    Well, to answer your question, it can be yes or no. LEEPs are done to do two main things. 1) get tissue sample for more testing and 2)remove any abnormal cells they see present. So your possible results are that the diagnosis is the same and they removed all of the cells with the procedure or it is something worse that requires more treatments. It will most likely be the former.

    When the preform the LEEP the doctors are thorough. They will do their best to remove everything. However, we do know that doctors are not infallible, but they will get everything cell that they can get.

    And you should be fine to walk, jump, and do all sorts of things. The aftercare would be similar to that of a colp like bleeding for a few days and no baths or tampons. Also, you may want to take an advil before the procedure for light pain/discomfort.
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    IN MY CASE (not saying yours will be the same, nor would i want that for you) but in my case my LEEP did show worse. I was told i had mild to moderate dysplasia pre-LEEP and now unfortunately will be having a hysterectomy.

    and about the advil, for me i wish i could have had darvocet for the leep...they gave it to me after the colpo but not after the leep. be aware and make sure if your tolerance is low to make sure you take medication before your leep. they did give me local anesthetic......but after it wore off it wasnt very pleasent....i also had discharge for like 2-3 weeks after my leep.

    but bare in mind that a negative attitude will not change anything. i finally got that through my stubborn mind and excepted what i cannot change. i wish the absolute best for you and hope you get out of this without any major treatments needed!

    best wishes.


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