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Thread: You worried you may have colon cancer?

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    if you are worried about diagnosis

    Watch this video. I've been trying to spread the word about it because it made me so much less scared about having a colonoscopy to find out whether I had bowel cancer or not

    {link deleted per forum policy}
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    In Australia, we're currently being sent a FOBT kit for testing for anybody aged 50-60 yrs of age.
    I did the test and it came back positive, and subsequently went for a colonoscopy. They found a polyp which was cancerous, and was within .5 of a mm of the colon wall, and am currently waiting results of a second scope to decide whether (when) I will go in for a resection.
    If you know a person in Australia who has received this kit, and haven't done the test and sent it, MAKE SURE THEY DO!
    My best chance of survival was handed to me on a plate, the simplest and least confrontational of tests may well have saved my life, and hopefully will do the same for someone you love or care for.

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    I have just come home from the docter who did a check up after he operated on me a week ago for hemroids. During the visit he told me I need to have an colonscopy as the flesh that was removed during the operation was analized and contained "active cells" and could indicate cancer..

    Can someone tell me more about the "active cells" in plain english? Please?

    Thank you,


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    I am not sure Gogga. I have not had my doctors tell me that. It might refer to cells that are dividing.

    I pray you get good news.
    10/01/07 - Removal of Colon Cancer Tumor & Temporary Colostomy
    11-07-07 to 04-09-08 FOLFOX and Avastin. 04-28-08 Colostomy Reversal
    June 2009 3 Tumors in the Peritoneal tissue- FOLFIRI and ERBITUX.
    11-25-09 Tumors inactive(Oct). Finish FOLFIRI, continue ERBITUX
    Jan 2010-May 2010 FOLFIRI and ERBITUX.
    June 2010 Cancer in Liver. Nov 2010 - Oxyplatinum, Avastin and IROX
    Age Diagnosed 40. Current Age:44

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    Thanks for the tip REB - I just ordered this for my Kindle.... I appreciate all the tips I can get.

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    I AM worried I may have colon cancer, having started to notice symptoms in the last few weeks. I had endometrial cancer last summer, and was diagnosed very early thanks to two great doctors and my own decision to check out what seemed just a small issue. I didn't waste any time going to my GP again with this latest situation, and am now just waiting to get in to see a gastroenterologist to arrange a colonoscopy. Thanks to all of you who have posted such incredibly detailed information regarding the entire scope of the illness, treatment, recovery and coping. A lot of my questions are already answered, and I feel far better prepared for my meeting with the specialist.
    Jill, age 55, endometrial cancer July 2010 stage 1, grade 1.

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    I saw my doctor yesterday. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy June 6th. I had blood in stool, and all of a sudden I am suffering from Acid Reflux. They are doing a scope down my throat also. I have changes in bowl movements also. Sometimes lose, sometimes I cannot go.

    I have this very strange sensation in my stomach going all the way around my back. It is like pressure, not pain, but pressure and I feel like I have restless leg sydrome all through my body. I want to crawl out of my skin. Does anyone know what this feels like> i have not been diagnosed with anything at the time. 15 years ago I had a polyp removed, and I was supposed to go for a colonoscopy every 3 years after but I never went b/c my experience with it was painful and I was awake while the cut the polyp out, and I was afraid to go back. I am hoping I don't pay for that now that it is 15 years later.

    If anyone can tell me what this feeling is in my body, I would be grateful It is driving me crazy!!

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    Great summation Reb,
    I was diagnosed stage 3 in March 2011 after 12 months of going to my GP with classic colorectal cancer symptoms. Docs 3 of them at my surgery in the UK treated me for ulcers, IBS and despite my father dying of bowel cancer literally refused to contemplate it could be cancer.
    Fortunately 1 of the younger docs I saw as an emergency as I felt so I'll and my pain was really bad at the time sent me to a specialist, this took from November 2010 to January 2011. He referred me for a colonoscopy which I had in early March. This confirmed a mass in the transverse colon. 2 weeks later I had a CT scan.
    After the scan our NHS in the UK scheduled me for surgery sometime in May or possibly June.
    In frustration I elected private surgery on 10th April using the best colorectal surgeon in the south of
    Surgery was successful but extremely radical as he found the tumor was much larger than the CT scan indicated. but my bowels refused to start for 12 days, ending up with me having 67 IV units for hydration and potassium deficiency as well as 3 feeding bags of liquid food infused using a PIC line.
    Histology of 16 nodes was negative cancer.
    So they stated I needed no chemotherapy was required only surgical follow up together with scheduled tests ( keep in mind that for 1 year my blood tests all were 100 percent fine ).
    The reason I am posting on this is to say
    If you have the symptoms described, push your doctors, don't be put off as I was, TIME IS CRITICAL.
    And DON'T PUT OFF.

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    Hi Topazil,

    I saw that your colon cancer had also met to the lungs and am wondering how are you doing now after the last PET Scan in 2010 Oct. My mum was diagnosed with rectal tumor in 2009 which got successfully removed, however the rectal cancer metastises to the lungs in 2010. She has 3 small spots on the right lung and 1 small spot on the left. Starting Mid 2010 till May 2011, she was given 12 treatments of Folfox + Avastin. PET Scan result after 6 treatments showed a decrease in the size of the spots, however PET Scan result that was taken recently showed that the spots have increased slightly in size and have lighted up. Currently her oncologist suggests that she continues chemo with Folfirin + Avastin (my mum is Kras positive thus not suitable for Erbitux) and we shall see if the spots shrink under the new drug, with the spots still in the lungs he can then tell the reaction of the cancer cells towards Folfirin + Avastin, however I am apprehensive of this solution because if Folfirin + Avastin do not work on the cancer cells and if they grow resistance towards Folfirin, then there are no more stronger drugs available to fight the cancer, unless clinical trials. We have also went to get second opinion from another oncologist and he seemed to think that further chemo is not going to totally eradicate these spots, thus he suggested for the spots to be surgically removed and then monitor her condition. And if there is recurrence at least there are still Folfirin + Avastin available for chemo.

    Currently we are rather confused, unsure of the next step, I am hoping that you have some information on your personal journey which can help us make a more informed decision in this critical crossroad. Thank you very much.

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    Don't mean to hijack this post. Bee Gee Robin Gibb Dies at 62, he had recovered from Colon Cancer, a twisted intestine, blood clot and pneumonia. Robin is a link removed as per forum policy of mine, as well as all those who get up every day and this condition on a daily basis. Times can be tough!
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