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Thread: my sister diagnosed stage 2 uterine cancer asking 4 ur help

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    my sister diagnosed stage 2 uterine cancer asking 4 ur help

    a month ago my sister was diagnosed stage 2 uterine cancer at fabella hosp.wer from molino cavite for the past month almost everyday wer going to that hosp for all the test that need to be done.and we thought that after all those test they wil inform us that my sister need to be operate but then we havent heard from the doctors what will be the next. maybe because we dont have the money for the operation and other expenses for that hosp.and then only last week my sister has an on and of fever and start to bleed.and looks pale.we riushed her to the nazarenus hosp, marilao bulacan, becasue she was staying with my sister in bulacan. though we dont have enough money to pay for that hosp. we went there because we want our sister to survive the way we look at her that time we thought shel gonna die.
    then almost a week in that hosp. we spent almost 35K. we do sell some of our things and borrowed money from a lending what we called 5-6 just to pay and bought her medicine.we have to decide if we stayed there or not but we choose to take her home because we dont know where to get money to pay for the hosp if she stays there longer.and now still on and of fever eventhough shes taking the anitbiotics. the internist told us that she needs to undergo abdomen ctscan as soon as possible,just to know how big the fibroids or if she needs to be operated or not anymore. but honestly we dont know where to get the money for the ctscan inculidng her medicine. and were so afraid what if the drs again will tell us that she needs to be confined and undergo operation? were so confused and super stressed right now,please who ever read my letter I AM BEGGING YOU TO PLEASE HELP MY SISTER, HELP US,WE LOVE OUR SISTER SO MUCH BECAUSE SHE DOESNT DESERVE THIS THING. SHE WAS SUPER BAIT NA ATE AND WE ALL LOVE HER SO MUCH!THAST WHY I AM BEGGING YOU TO PLEASE HELP US.WE RE A RELIGIOUS FAMILY BUT WITH ALL THIS TRIAL S WERE ALL LOSING HOPE,ONLY THIS SEPT MY MOTHER WAS ALSO HOSP. FOR STROKE THEN MY FATHER WAS DIAGNOSED WITH KIDNEY FAILURE AND NOW MY SISTER. TO TELL YOU HONESTLY WERE ALL LOSING HOPE AND FAITH UPTHERE. PLS DO HELP US!

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    Hi erlindar:

    Welcome. I am so sorry to hear what has happened to your sister. I was in the same position myself and had a very difficult time getting treatment, even here in the United States. I just want you to know your sister is in my prayers. I wonder are there any programs to help with medical assistance in Bulacan or where she resides in the Philippines? We cannot accept forum posts based on solicitations for finances, but I definitely believe in praying for people. Also, if you have questions about specific medical questions, we will do our best to offer our input regarding our own experiences. Hang in there.

    I can tell you this. It is better for her to go through emergency units than to go untreated; although this understandably racks up the costs. Also check with area hospitals to see if they offer financial assistance or social counseling. It was a social worker employed through a hospital which presented a game plan to get me medical treatment without money or insurance; and it worked, thank God. It seemed hopeless to me at the time, but God turned it around. Your sister and your other family members are in my prayers. Don't despair. Check with all social agencies, charitable organizations in the area--hopefully they can help or direct you to adequate sources.
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