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Thread: New to cancer and this site

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    New to cancer & this site

    Hi Everyone!

    I am a 56 year old female who was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma - B cell last month.

    I underwent two bone marrow biopsies and because they could not aspirate much marrow, this was as specific as they could get with the type I have.

    I have been put on a 21 day cycle of chemo and received my first treatment on 11/20/09.

    So far, the only troubling side effect I have is thrush in my mouth. Any suggestions for healing would be appreciated. I am on a RX from the doctor and have been using a mouth rinse of maalox and benedryal.

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    New to cancer & this site

    Hi elbecko

    Welcome to the forum.
    You seem to be in good spirit " keep it!
    I assume you're on R-CHOP regiment. The more details you give the more other people with similar experience will be able to share their experience and knowledge.

    Thrush is relatively easy to control. There's a medication (forgot its name) and/or lozenges. What Rx did your doc give you?
    In addition, two other things may help, depending on the severity of the symptoms.
    For mild symptoms I gurgled with 50% water " hydrogen peroxide.
    Then, after the sixth cycle I had very painful mouth sores. My dentist Rxed me Kenalog/Orabase (Triamcinolone). It helped right away.

    Did you get a white blood cells booster shot 24 hours after the treatment?
    If not ask your onc. This helps a lot.
    You may feel tired pretty soon because your blood counts will go down. Don't despair!
    It becomes better and easier with the next cycles. But here's some good news:
    A new study showed that the chance of your response to chemo increases significantly if you exercise. Try moderate cardio exercises three times a week.

    Good health and keep posting.
    61 y.o M, Diffuse large B cell NHL, stage 3. Lower back. Diagnosed Mid May 09. Completed 6 R-CHOP treatments on 9/8/09. In Remission: 10/19/09. CNS lymphoma (spine only) March 2010
    In treatment ever since.

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    Hi elbecko. Sorry that you have to be in this situation, but nice to meet you nonetheless.

    Assuming you are undergoing R-CHOP, though I did not have that problem myself, I have heard from others that chewing on ice chips during the vincristine (red colored chemo) portion of chemo helped to keep mouth sores away. Perhaps you can give this a try during the next session and let us know if it helped?

    Hope to hear that you are in complete remission soon!
    My Story: http://cancerforums.net/viewtopic.php?t=11396
    Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma
    Stage 1AE (localized in colon)
    Began six cycles of R chop 21 3rd Dec 2008
    Finished R chop 21 Apr 2009
    Complete remission as of May 2009
    Confirmed April 2010


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