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Thread: brainstem diffuse lesion, nausea...

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    brainstem diffuse lesion, nausea...

    After feeling unwell last summer and being hospitalized many times for unexplained severe nausea I was told it was psychological (even my mum didn't believe how bad the nausea was) and the Dr decided I was depressed and anxious and prescribed Lustral, Laroxyl etc. This month I started having headaches and feeling nausea again and some dizziness, I went to the local hospital to see a doctor and he asked for an MRI. A diffuse 1 cm, brainstem lesion in the pons area of my brain was found. They took another MRI with IV contrast and the lesion was nonenhancing, this happened last week and they want me to have another MRI tomorrow, I feel tired all the time since last summer and my left eye keeps twitching. I had giant cell tumor in my leg 3 years ago and had two operations to remove it and repair the damage...I also have a syrinx in my spine, scoliosis and kyphosis and some other joint issues and suffer from back pain and fibromyalgia...I don't know if there is a connection between these at all but I am very worried after reading about brainstem lesions on the internet. I am 38 years old and live in Istanbul. Does anyone have any experience with brainstem lesions. What should I do, I am worried about what will happen after the MRI tomorrow ! I read some of your posts and wish you all the best...

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    yonca, what have you heard? I am sorry about your health concerns and the presence of this lesion. Let us know what they find.
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