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Thread: chemo and radiation prior to surgery

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    chemo and radiation prior to surgery

    I have unknown stage of rectal cancer and the doctors are saying chemo and radiation will be our first plan of attack. I guess it's all in the location. has anyone else had this treatment?

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    another question

    The only test result i have received back so far is a high CEA. Does that mean it's spread?

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    My cancer was in the colon and I do know that treatment is different. My understanding with rectal is that radiation is first, then surgery. I have also heard it done where chemo was after surgery, maybe before and after surgery? Not sure.

    A high CEA now could be due to your primary cancer and really doesn't give an idea of the spread of the cancer. Tests like a CT scan or PET scan give the best idea of lymph node, liver, lung involvement. The colorectal surgeon also will check these areas when they do the surgery.

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    thank you sense i found out on monday i have been goggling a lot sometimes i think i am over reacting. I have been healthy and active all my life and am scared to death of what i am facing.

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    As I understand it, a CEA test only shows that there is a probability that you have colon or rectal cancer and to follow the effects of treatment(s). It is not used diagnostically either for a primary tumor or metastatic tumors. It is also not very specific because it can be high for several types of cancer... not just colorectal ones.
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    my name is ed 31 yrs old . went threw chemo radation from last year 08 in dec. to feb 9 of 09. my tumor was really low so radation really hurt me there was a bad burning feel cheymo was not bad though. then had 6 weeks to prepare for surgey.

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    Rectal Cancer

    Hi Donna
    I had rectal cancer and the first phase of my treatment was to have radiation and chemo. I had 6 weeks of both. I was able to take oral chemo pills at home, and had to go to the hospital daily for radiation treatments. I only had to be at the hospital for about 20 minutes a day and the actual radiation only took about 5 to 10 min from start to finish. For most of the six weeks I felt normal, but starting about the 5th week I began to have diarrhea. I adjusted my diet and took Imodium to manage the diarrhea. The week following the radiation I had burns (like sunburn in the lower region) so I stayed home and rested in bed. For me the entire process was not too bad.
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    43 years old here and diagnosed last March with colon cancer, but very low-bordering on the rectum area. I had 6 weeks of daily radiation and 24/7 chemo with the pump.
    Then I had surgery to remove the tumor and about 20" of my colon and most of my rectum, and now am going through 8 cycles of Oxi. 6 down 2 to go, then the reversal.

    I think for lower colon cancer, the chemo/radiation is fairly standard. In my case, the radiation didn't shrink the tumor as they had hoped, but it did something because the pain I was having before chemo/radiation stopped, as did the bleeding. But towards the end of the radiation, extreme pain when ever I had a bowel movement, and I have heard that the radiation really messes up your insides...but less than cancer does!

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    Thank you all,
    I know I have a long road ahead of me. I have just started to take laxatives due to the tumor is very painful and blocking normal bowel movements.

    On a good note my family kidnapped me and took me to Flagstaff to play in the snow. Not the smartest think since I have my PET tomorrow and wasn't supposed to over exert myself. Well thats me in a nut shell some body tells me no and well....... yes I do.
    I have many questions and I'm sure I will be spending a lot of time here.
    Again, Thank you!

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    I am 35 with rectal cancer. It was detected through a colonoscopy and I immediately started treatment. I started with 8 chemo treatments every 2 weeks. Then I was given 3 weeks to recover for surgery. They removed all of my colon and rectum and categorized the cancer as stage 3c. 2 weeks after surgery they started radiation and 5FU chemo for 7 weeks. Then I had 8 more chemo treatments.

    Originally my CEA was very high (787) but during treatment and after surgery it continued to fall.

    I wish you luck and pray for a successful recovery.
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    10/12/09 - FOLFIRI regimen - 5-FU, leucovorin & irinotecan.
    05/07/10 - Stage IV cancer in bones and lymph nodes.

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